12 Things You Should Know About Contemporary Progressivism

  1. Progressives believe that their orthodoxy is infallible – that all disasters left in their wake are the fault of some other factor.
  2. Progressives will only reason themselves to a point where the “conclusion” is emotionally satisfying to them, never to a logical endpoint.
  3. The one consistent about progressivism is its inconsistency – they will say or do anything to advance progressivism.
  4. Progressivism cannot exist without postmodernism – without the ability to dispose of one reality that is unhelpful and to create another that is, progressivism could not continue.
  5. Progressivism has only one guiding principle – statolatry. Ludwig von Mises coined this term to define the literal worship of government.
  6. Progressives are necessarily immoral. They believe that any behavior is acceptable in pursuit of what they see as the “higher truth” or the “greater good”.
  7. Progressives are the Borg. They believe that there are no individuals, only the collective – and that the worth of an individual is determined by what they can do for the collective and not for any value that they create for society ( in a progressive society, Steve Jobs would have been assigned to repairing radios and Bill Gates would be programming computers for the IRS.)
  8. Progressives believe that the embarrassing actions of an allied individual or small group doesn’t represent them but it does their opposition – if a Muslim murderer kills troops at Ft. Hood while yelling “Allahu Akbar”, we can’t possibly blame all of Islam but if one person uses a gun in the commission of a crime, the Second Amendment must be repealed and all guns banned.
  9. Progressives believe that coerced collectivism (i.e. socialism, Marxism or communism) works, it has only failed in history because it has never been implemented correctly.
  10. Progressives believe that a free market economy is a zero sum game (that if you are rich, you got that way at the expense of someone else) but a centrally planned economy is not (the government can just create whatever resources it needs by fiat).
  11. Progressives believe that while an individual cannot determine what is best for himself, a government made up of those same individuals can accurately do it for them.
  12. Contemporary progressivism is fraudulent ideology. It is not true socialism, Marxism or communism. It doesn’t desire to eliminate capitalism, it just wants to harvest the output of capitalism to pay for its pet programs and projects. It teaches how to accumulate power at the expense of others and to avoid responsibility for actions taken in its name. It shares more in common with organized crime through its use of coercion, extortion and bribery than it does any collectivist belief system.

5 thoughts on “12 Things You Should Know About Contemporary Progressivism

  1. I agree with every point except # 12.

    Progressivism’s relationship with Capitalism is very much the same as Socialism and Communism ( Marxism) in that they also seek to harness its power for the Oligarchy and ultimately for the extension of the State and its ideology.

    In virtually every example of those ‘isms’ the prior Capitalist structure remained in tact just under ‘new’ management and control of the State and Party members. The Soviet Union is the classic case, but it is true of virtually all Socialist/Communist countries. Where they fail epically is in innovating NEW enterprises. Especially new enterprises that can compete with those in the Free Western types systems.

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