I Ended Slavery and Instituted ‘Other-Service.’ Happy Now?

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Limits of the Social Contract

This nation was founded on the notion of the Social Contract.  Unfortunately, too few of us know what this is, let alone what its limitations are.  In fact, when it comes to the Social Contract, many people are completely ignorant on the subject — even people who make their living talking about and defending it don’t understand it.  For example, I recently heard a ‘conservative’ radio talk show host, Andrew Wilcow, complaining about people who refer to the Social Contract.  According to Mr. Wilcow, the Social Contract does not exist, yet the man makes his living talking about and defending it.  In the radio spot I heard, Mr. Wilcow was challenging listeners to show him a Social Contract.  Well, Mr. Wilcow, I accept your challenge.  What’s more, I am going to link you directly to the most famous social contract in human history.  Mr. Wilcow, if you read this post, here is the link to that famous social contract: The U.S. Constitution!  Now, Mr. Wilcow, please, stop talking to people about the Constitution and matters of Natural Law until after you have taken the time to educate yourself on the subject.  Once you have done that, maybe you could help the situation by explaining what you learned about the limits of the Social Contract to your listeners instead of making things worse by telling them the Social Contract does not exist.   On the slim chance that you or one of your staff reads this post, I took the time to give you the Cliff Notes version on those limits.  Please keep reading. … Continue reading

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