My Malthusian Perspective

Famine_in_India_Natives_Waiting_for_Relief_in_BangaloreI’ve been really negative over the past few years…actually since about midway through the first W.Bush term due to how the Democrats, having recovered from their momentary brush with reality after 9/11, saw political advantage in every single wartime setback and chose to honor their 60’s anti-establishment roots by ripping America and every citizen who expressed a little patriotism to little tiny pieces.

That experience changed me. It hardened me and it caused me to believe that my opponents weren’t just my opponents, there are actually people out there who despise me and my way of life.

I’ve assigned a number of motives to that degree of hate but in all honesty, I don’t know what drives it – it is seemingly something different every day – although the Seven Deadly Sins and the Ten Commandments seem to sum up about two thirds of the hate I can identify, the rest is just too irrational to even begin to try to define. That last third is like being in a den of snakes – no matter where you turn you are bound to be bitten.

There’s a name for that, it is called Kafka-trapping – basically it means that your denial of a thing is actually proof of your guilt. It is an end to any legitimate debate because the side who invokes this strategy silences you with their position that no matter what you say, they are right and you can never be.

Over 200 years ago, Thomas Robert Malthus proposed that catastrophes such as famine, disease and war are the manners in which Nature culls population.Thomas_Robert_Malthus Western Civilization has largely found ways to avoid such catastrophes – or at least to blunt them. That is a wonderful accomplishment – and if one is truly honest about it, the reason for this is that the ideas of individual social and economic freedom are what unleashed the power of the human mind in a scale never seen in world history.

We are undeniably the healthiest, most prosperous, most free and most mobile world that has ever existed (and those things are distributed more widely than ever before) but I have to wonder if our very prosperity is our greatest enemy. I also have to wonder if there is a valid Malthusian perspective where truth and reason are concerned. I seems that while painful catastrophes like the Great Depression and WWII do cull the population, they also serve to cull from society the irrationality, unseriousness and triviality that are so celebrated in our intellectually lazy society today.

I guess I’m just a troglodyte. I’m sure no survivalist, but I do tend to evaluate the worth of things in terms of what would aid me in surviving a collapse of society. For example, if we awoke tomorrow to a total collapse of everything, I know that not only the skills that I have actively accumulated over the years but my leadership ability would allow me to provide food, clothing, shelter and security for my family far better than say, the skills of a community organizer who has a specialized degree from Harvard Law School and little practical work experience.

Tricia-BNW_ad3Far too much of our discourse these days and the things that pass for wisdom are nothing more than vapid forms of mental masturbation, providing momentary pleasure while producing nothing but an elevated endorphin level. In the crudest of euphemistic terms, we spend way too much time jerking each other off. It does seem to me that far too much effort of society is wasted on sloth and slovenly pursuits.

While it seems counterintuitive, one wonders if the death of truth and reason is the price society will pay for prosperity, safety and security.

I’ve never thought of myself as a Malthusian, but I guess where truth and reason are concerned, I do have a little of ole Robert in me.

7 thoughts on “My Malthusian Perspective

  1. Utah,

    If one wants to impose a world-view on others that is totally disconnected from reality, then truth and reason must first be eliminated. It is like any other military campaign: before you can storm the beaches, you have to weaken the enemy defenses which would otherwise throw you back into the surf. The same applies here. If you try to push post-modernism/moral relativism on someone who has been taught HOW to think, they will reject it. But if you offer it to someone who has only been told WHAT to think, they will lap it up like puppies and kittens.

    Do not think for a moment that the ‘other side’ does not know this. In fact, they have studied it so well they now consider it a ‘science.’

  2. Utah,
    My words may not be as explicit as your words, but my thoughts are EXACTLY your thoughts (and Roberts).

    What can we do to change this democrat suicide of (to) our society?

    • EdwardS,

      I am aware that you were addressing Utah, but I must interject here (sorry). The ‘start’ of correcting what ails us is in recognizing that this is NOT a ‘Democrat’ thing. It is an attitude thing (we like to call it Progressivism at the moment). The problem is this ‘thing’ is in both Parties, but as long as we ignore it in ‘our Party,’ we cannot fix anything for being blinded by the plank in our own eye.

  3. Joe,
    Well stated!

    I hope that Louie Gohmert running for Speaker of the House is the first step. I’m wondering how many of
    our “Wonderful Conservatives” will have enough courage to stand with Louie?

    Utah’s post is an excellent subject that needs to be examined by all, I hope everyone gets involved in
    the discussion!

  4. I must admit I saw/see a reflection of my own “eye” in Utah’s locating a sense of dread starting about midway between “W’s” first term. And for the reasons he gives.

    Our opponents do indeed despise us and the way of True Liberty.

  5. Utah, Joe and Edward,

    This video may seem tangential to the topic at first, connected but not directly. But it actually IS directly related to the “suicide” being practiced by the West. This is a contemporary English political statement….. but there are counterparts in France, Holland, Germany and Russia.

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