Last Chance to ‘Save’ the GOP (and America)

OK, people like to ask me what they can do to ‘fix’ things.  Well, today is one of those rare times when the answer is clear to all who understand the problem.  In the next few hours, the GOP is voting for a new Speaker of the House.  So, if you have a Republican Representative, you need to call them NOW!  Call and tell them that, if they do NOT vote for Louie Gohmert instead of Boehner, you are done with the entire GOP.  I mean it.  Call now and tell the GOP to FIRE Boehner!  You need to shut their switch boards down — and once you do that, then crash their servers.  I would help you, but I no longer have a Republican Representative.  So it is up to those of you who do.

There is one more part to this plan.  If the GOP re-elects Boehner, cut up your GOP registration card and mail it to your representative.  Then go register as Independent or Libertarian and START THINKING THAT WAY!  We have to finally put action to word and show the GOP that we are NOT a different flavor of lemming…like we tend to think the Democrat voter is.  If you cannot do this, then guess what?  You ARE a lemming, you just wear an ‘R’ instead of a ‘D’ — but other than that, no difference between you, NONE!

Now get on your phone and computer and tell them to FIRE BOEHNER!


For as big a deal as this fight for Speaker of the House actually is, Rush didn’t pay it too much attention on his radio program today.  However, this is telling in and of itself.  If you are a listener to Limbaugh’s show, then you can no doubt remember Rush explaining how the Left tries to keep credibility on certain issues by addressing them without really addressing them.  Well, this is exactly what Limbaugh did today, and that is what is really telling.  That said, if you are awake and you understand the issues, Limbaugh did concede several of the points I have tried to make over the past few years.

First, Limbaugh explained that we have 1 Party pretending to be two.  No, he did not use that language, but he did say that the GOP has embraced and funded the Obama agenda.  Rush even went so far as to say the GOP wants big government, too — thet just want to be the one running it.  That, my friend, is the definition of 1 Party pretending to be 2.

Second, Rush said that ‘Big Business’ has just given in and decided it is easier to use government to destroy competition than to actually do it through real competition.  So, rather than swim up stream, Big Business has gotten in bed with the government and they are now working together.  Once again, Rush did not actually use the words, but this is the definition of Fascism.

So, for those who have been on my case because no one else sees things the way I do: WELCOME TO THE PARTY, RUSH LIMBAUGH!  I guess, this time, I was on the cutting edge of society and now Rush is the one playing catch up (as are all of you who told me I was wrong these past few years). [that was ‘Limbaugh humor,’ for the benefit of those listeners who might be reading this.  If it didn’t work, now you know why the Left doesn’t think Rush is funny.]

But seriously, this is not about “I told you so’s,” it is about coming to grips with reality.  In this case, the reality is that the GOP and Democrats are ONE!  What is happening right now is TEA Party infiltrators are trying to wrest control of the Party from the Progressives in the leadership position.  If they fail, then those of you who still care about liberty need to make a public exodus from the GOP — and bring your money and votes with you.  Otherwise, you will do nothing more than convince them that they have you in their pocket as much as the Democrats are convinced they have the minority vote in theirs.  It is that simple.  All you have to decide is whether or not you are actually going to walk the walk, or talk yourself into staying on the GOP reservation yet again.

5 thoughts on “Last Chance to ‘Save’ the GOP (and America)

  1. Change is definitely coming. America’s current economic and social policies inevitably lead to failure even without external threats. Add the weakness of the EU, the Islamist threat, our insane border policies, Russian and Chinese expansionism, and we don’t have a chance in a million of getting through 2015 without major social and economic disruptions. If there is an attack on the power grid by Islamist terror cells or an EMP, the $18 trillion debt should be immediately repudiated.

    The only possible corrective action must come from the Convention of States. Every state should send non-politicians with practical, problem-solving resumes to address the obvious causes of the failure. I believe this is best done by re-ratifying the original Constitution and Bill of Rights plus Mark Levin’s ‘Liberty Amendments’, and renaming the successor nation as ‘The Reconstituted States of America’. As a new entity, it will be possible to:
    1. Remove and replace all current federal officeholders
    2. Abolish all executive-branch departments except Defense and Treasury
    3. Establish a currency honestly backed by gold and/or silver
    4. Turn all regulation over to state governments, discarding all current regs
    5. Replace all federal judges and reduce the jurisdiction of federal courts
    6. Invalidate all judicial precedents of the previous entity
    7. Leave all criminal prosecution and sentencing in state hands
    8. Transfer ownership and jurisdiction of all federal ‘public’ land to the states, who are better qualified to judge and balance the scenic and economic values thereof.

    The only problems I see with Liberty Amendments are:
    I would like to forbid consecutive terms in federal elective office. Campaign contributions are the wellspring of corruption, and ending re-election will cut that way down. Every election would be a new election with no incumbents, and all contributions to candidates should be made public.
    I believe taxing income gives too much control over citizens, and a consumption tax has the advantage of not stealing away the discretionary income that is needed to invest in new products and enterprises which the citizens are interested in. Government investments without popular input have a terrible track record.

    Putting all regulation under state control will let the states compete to find the most effective approach at the least cost in lost jobs and productivity. OSHA, EPA, FERC, and all the other federal agencies are largely staffed by people who have neither the ability or the interest to actually do the things they regulate. They tend to be driven by personal agendas or empire-building ambitions, without regard to the costs they impose in lost jobs and costly products. They prefer to hand out punishments rather than motivate improvements.

  2. Great Post !!!

    Fire Boehner ….. put in Louie Gohmert, he was a long time Judge and knows the Constitution !

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