An Alternate Way to Look at the GOP Vote for Boehner

How to Decide Who to Trust in a World of Deception

The Republican vote to return Boehner as Speaker of the House yesterday reminded me of a question a friend of mine asked me.  She wanted to know what sources I trust to get my news.  On the surface, these two things might not seem related, but they are.  And it is in how they are related that I finally figured out how to answer her.  So, for L, and anyone else who might be interested in how we can determine who and what to trust when we live in a world of deception, here are my thoughts.  I hope they help. Continue reading

One thought on “An Alternate Way to Look at the GOP Vote for Boehner

  1. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    This is finally the beginning of the end for Republicans. It’s going to take a while but they have sealed their fate. There is finally enough pissed off AWAKE Americans to foster a movement to a REAL conservative, constitutional party of the people.

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