Johnny Can’t Lie

Or can he? A few days ago, I was entranced watching the video of the hostage, John Cantlie. He’s awfully handsome (though, like a lot of the British, he would be well-served with braces and whitening strips, but I don’t think IS is too keen on vanity perks.)

Anyhow, a lot of these commenters at various sites said that he had the Stockholm syndrome. As to my opinion on that, I shall remain mum…..I’m very fond of this boy’s head….

Today, I got to thinking on the video because I recall how he said that countries like France paid the millions in ransom via negotiations, and hostages were freed. Play the game, then? Well, now look what it got the French; pretty similar to how the Barbary (Muslim) pirates operated, no?

A leopard does not lose its spots.

As far as Obama’s response to the terrorist murders in France (that he didn’t deduce as such) Well, I think he’d serve us well by sticking to the greens, and keeping his piehole shut. Regarding him, I would refer to my sentence above.

For me, personally, I’m just wondering who castrated the American, British, and French men (their governments?) Obviously, I’m not the only one who sees it, and it’s a huge advantage to our foes.

It is my hope for John Cantlie to live long and prosper. It is my prayer that in the near future folks wake up and elect a Jefferson, a Churchill, and a Lafayette; all of whom would better Cantlie’s odds.



10 thoughts on “Johnny Can’t Lie

  1. “For me, personally, I’m just wondering who castrated the American, British, and French men…”

    The answer is simple and undeniable: FEMINISM!

    In case you haven’t noticed, it is a ‘no-no’ to have a pair anymore. Society now considers real men to be as archaic as Neanderthals. In fact, feminism seems to believe they are one in the same.

    Incidentally, this sort of puts the lie to the feminist agenda, doesn’t it? If feminism actually agreed with Natural Law, then why is our society having such trouble defending itself? The truth — again — is simple and undeniable. We can no longer defend ourselves because the feminist agenda is as opposed to Natural Law as Keynesian economics and the progressive/socialist/Marxist models. Sooner or later, Nature asserts itself and all those who have fooled themselves into believing they have re-written Nature’s laws are erased from the face of the earth. The unfortunate part is that, this time, WE are the people about to be erased…

    • Well, I agree that the fundamentals of feminism have seemed to worm their way into policies, I also believe that it is a philosophy used as a tool by misogynist, good-ole boy lawmakers. In other words, I envision a conversation between pols going down something like this…….

      Bob: Ray, the feminists want equality. They wanna be on the front lines.
      Ray: Christ on a crutch, Ray! These fat dykes can’t even pass the physical!
      Bob: They just raised $150,000 at their last luncheon……
      Ray: All right. Dummy-down the tests, and let the stupid bitches get nailed up their collective asses. Everyone’s happy, right?
      Bob: Maybe not their comrades in action…..

        • Sans the drama, what I’m trying to emphasize is that politicians will use any means for votes and cash. Feminism, illegal immigrants, corporations, unions, environmentalists, homosexuals, &c. all have one thing in common: They all want a piece of the American pie (aka freebies paid for by the worker bees.) The politicians want the same thing, but it can only be met by their acquiescence to those needs, thus assuring them funding and votes to proliferate their free ride (on the backs of the worker bees.) Do you understand what I’m trying to say now??!!

      • Feminism when it addressed wrongs such as unequal access and opportunity and the vote was good and needed. Just as unions were at a small point in history. Both have become a warped sick Progressive political tool to actually do the opposite of what they were intended to a t first. The same with the environmental movement.

        I mean equality is ALL things is absurd…… I konw, I have tried to wear fashionable heals and failed at every attempt….. it’s flats for me for sure …. :- ))

        • You just made me envision Tim Curry saying, “So come up to the lab, and let’s see what’s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………pation.”

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