The REAL Islam — Read Carefully

AGENDAS: We are NOT Fighting Terrorism, but a Holy War!

Our President can’t seem to call what happened in France today a terrorist attack.  Well, this may come as a surprise to some, but I agree with him.  It was not a terrorist attack, and neither was the Fort Hood shooting or even the 9/11 attack.  They are all acts of war — a holy war!  This is not my ‘opinion:’ it is a matter of fact.  I know it is a fact because I know what Muhammad said to his followers.  Muhammad started and defined Islam, so he is the ultimate — and in this case — soul authority on Islam and Muhammad commanded holy war until there is nothing left but Islam.  By definition, that means we have been in a state of holy war with Islam since before Muhammad died.  Unless we wake to this fact and start treating it as what it is, we will loose this war.  Unfortunately, too many people would rather accept the lies they are told by our leaders, media and Muslims.  So, I have taken the time to put together everything a rational person needs to decide whether or not I am telling the truth, and it all comes directly from Muhammad or ‘official’ Islamic holy texts. Continue reading

DO NOT pass over this post.  Most of what you hear about Islam on the TV, radio and elsewhere is false.  In fact, I have not heard a national pundit get Islam correct yet.  So, please, follow the link and read the entire post — carefully.  There is nothing in it that is not 100% accurate and in complete agreement with orthodox Islamic theocracy — according to Muhammad!  I know because I took the time to read all the dark and twisted stuff that makes up the Islamic religion — all 5 books!  So, please, Continue reading

18 thoughts on “The REAL Islam — Read Carefully

  1. That is why that speech from Al-Sisi in Egypt is so important. He recognize the problem in Islam. Do I think we have to defeat all Muslims, no. But we have to defeat the idea in Islam that they can impose their will violently on the rest of the world. When individuals or groups in Islam try to do that and cross that line we need to response with greater force. And if they manage to hijack a nation state, then we need to respond to radical Muslims like we responded to radical Japanese and radical Germans.

    • theebl,

      OK, let me ask you a question. How do we fight Islam without fighting to eradicate the entire religion? How do you fight a religion that says all believers MUST fight until there is ONLY Islam — throughout the world? So long as that religion exists, you cannot have peace.

      You mentioned the NAZI’s and Japanese in WW II. They are actually excellent examples. In both cases, we had to fight to eradicate the religious foundation behind them. We failed in Germany: fascism is still alive and well. But, in Japan, where we used the atomic bomb, we managed to end the stranglehold Buddhism and Shinto had on the Japanese people. But look at the cost.

      Now, ask yourself: is the Western world ready to nuke Mecca? If the answer is no, then we will lose this war because the West certainly is not willing to take the only other path that will end Islam — return to the God of the Bible, repent for our sins and start living by His commandments once again. Those are the only two options that will work, and I do not see the West doing either. Do you?

      • Here is the conundrum: Do you pull a Hiroshima when other countries have the same weaponry? I say yes. Russia and China would be the only gamble, but I can’t see them siding with countries who only claim to have nuclear power.

        The other option is to force the members of the UN to not accept any more foreign Muslims into their countries; else the US secede from the UN, along with any and all foreign funding. In other words; close all borders, and let them kill themselves…..and they will.

        • Kells, it doesn’t matter. The West is too far gone. Short of God stepping in, there has to be a re-set, and that never takes a form that humanity can call ‘good’ (although it is — in the ‘big picture’ sense)

  2. It may be too late regardless of what we do.

    The goals and objectives of Wahhabist Islam is available for all to read. No one has any excuse and if you support their right to spread their ideology you are only supporting the destruction of Western Civilization.

    The cancer has already spread throughout the USA and is all mostly Saudi funded.

    You likely have a madrasa school within miles of your house dedicated to your destruction.

    A good primer for those interested is “Princes of Darkness” by Laurent Murawiec.

    • chhelo,

      Are you aware of the connection between Islam and Biblical prophecy? Or is this something I should start posting about — for those who do not know, and those who do and would like to have a reasoned discussion about the connections?

      • You should. And you should continue to weave it into the Geo-political posts too. Why? Because there are a lot in the West who are almost there but who still separate the venues.

        We have to “Teach the Choir how to sing”….. they are OUR choir….they are US…..but not everyone is on the same page because of everything we have talked about regarding the take-over of the Education and political spheres and the take-over of the Language. This has morphed into what is said “in the pulpit” also unfortunately.

        • Don,

          Thanks. That comment is surprisingly enlightening (at least to me). You’ve given me something to think about that I had not yet considered. Let me chew on this a while. I think I will start a new header at the top of the page and put all the posts on this subject under it to make them easier to find. I just need to figure out where and how to start.

          • I strive to “enlighten”….. ; – )).

            I also do NOT feel the war is lost. Those in Masada chose NOT to submit as did the editors of Charlie Hebdo in their own way ( and the Dutch Cartoonist a few years ago…..and Ayaan Hirsi Ali ….. and our Founders ).

            Sound scattered ? They’re not because the fight was/is the same. We shal indeed bleed…..and that bleeding will be in direct relation to the treasonous actions of our government and political parties as well as the refusal to see reality by the average citizens. But…. we will overcome. In this I have Faith.

  3. Joe,

    Well aware. From Abraham and Hagar to the Psalm 83 and Gog and Magog wars Islam is playing a major role on behalf of Satan and his attempts to takes as many spoils as he can from Christ to eternity in Hell. Then those remaining after the Rapture of the Church (Bride of Christ) still have the 7 year Tribulation period (70th week of Daniel) and the final battle of Armageddon where Christ will end it all and usher in the Millenium. Maranatha.

    Post away, as it should be welcomed by all. Ezekiel, Daniel, Mathew, Mark, Luke and Revelation are all guide stones of what is coming.

  4. I am reposting a video I first put up on Jan 4th BEFORE the latest muslim Peace action in Paris….and now again in Germany ( Firebombing a German Newspaper that reprinted the cartoons to show support for Charlie Hebdo).

    Europe has the answer at the end of this video… does America. Our “Porgressive” government is acting directly against our civil society by not addressing this. As they did by ignoring the Tsarnaev Brothers in Boston and the French did PURPOSELY with these lastest muslim scumbags. The Daily Mail has revealed the French police STOPPEWD watching them 6 months ago.

    This video needs to be watched by all Americans and all Westerners who are serious about fighting this War which islam has declared against us.

    • And for the inevitable Progressive/socialist and GOP “Moderate” arguments that surface and repeat about ” the Vast Majority of muslims are peaceful”……. here is the actual numbers…. the facts about just how many of the world’s muslims actually DO SUPPORT this kind of action and/or the outcome of Shariah Law being the supreme law in the West.

      It is in fact an Majority that “silently” support the destruction of the west and the imposition of islamic Sharia Law over the Western Democracies.

  5. As a Contrast to The REAL goal of islam and the majority of muslims in creating a World under the submission of their cult.

    Here is a very OLD Judeo-Christian quote from Leviticus….

    ” Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof. ” …. Lev. 25:10

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