Before You Say “I Am Charlie!” Read This


With the killings in France, it has become popular for people in this country (The United States) to say “I am Charlie!”  But that is an ignorant statement.  Now, I understand that the people who are saying this mean well.  They think they are supporting free speech, but they are not.  They are actually supporting the destruction of civil society, they are just doing it in a different way.  Now, don’t get me wrong: I am not defending the Muslims who murdered those people in France.  All I am doing is asking you if you whether or not you understand the limits of free speech.  If you think you do, then answer me this question: what would the founders of this nation have done to the person who made the “Piss Christ?”  How about Larry Flynt, the founder of “Hustler Magazine:” what would our founders have done to him?  If you think the founders would have defended either of these men, you need to read the rest of this post.  … Continue reading

19 thoughts on “Before You Say “I Am Charlie!” Read This

  1. The only problem is that you’re comparing Christians to Muslims. I guess I just view the entire situation differently. If you are a native in a country, which is some sort of socialist democracy, you are very accustomed to the ways things are and have been. Now then, if you have aliens move in, whom you provide for via housing, medical, food, &c., suddenly claim “No Go Zones” in your country, refusing to assimilate, but still feeding off your teat, and ultimately take over your country bit by bit; you use the only means available to you to stand for what you believe (if your government doesn’t do this, why must you, the penultimate employer, not??!!)

    They used the pen in France. Here, it shall be the sword.

    • Kells,

      I did NOT compare Christians to Muslims. I addressed a principle, not a religion. In fact, I even went so far as to specifically point out the founders would not see the two as even.

      So, to the point at hand — which is not directly connected to the France thing. Free Speech has limits. Period! And any American who thinks they are standing in solidarity with a person or paper that violated those limits is just wrong. THAT is the point of this post.

        • Kells,

          Yes, but my point is there are limits to free speech. When speech tears at the foundations of society, it is not and should not be protected. So the people who claim they support this paper because they think they are supporting free speech are revealing their ignorance of Natural Law.

          That is my point.

          • So then; we deem it to the SCOTUS to decide morals? That’s rich…….and perfectly dumb!! FIRE!!!! (jes kidding…..but I guess I must make my guest appearance on Orange is the New Black now…….s’pose I would’ve been smarter had I pulled a Boston marathon or a Ft. Hood!) #priorities

  2. I definitely believe in free speech, but it needs to be limited in some instances. If that non-American wants to come here and say all the bad shit about America he can think of, let him empty his pie-hole. But, if he decides to light my flag on fire, I want him punished.

    • Dusty; I want to take those Jonesboro Baptists (who aren’t truly Baptists) and stick their heads so far up their asses that they come out needing lasik surgery, The reality is that if we start prohibiting (or killing) what hateful people say; do we not then become part of the problem?

      • Kells,

        So we allow people to call for the murder of cops, and incite hatred based on ginned-up charges, such as hatred of Jews? Do we let people scream fire in crowded rooms, or plot revolution or murder?

        When speech erodes the foundations of society, then society not only has a right to censor it, society has a duty to do so. When society allows such things… Well, we get what we are seeing happen to the West today.

          • Yes, laddie, I’ll take this piece by piece….cause now the computer powers that be have got me a bit riled up. The North Koreans, Chinese, and Cubans would really dig your idea…..maybe even those dumbfuck Jonesboro Baptist folks too……..but

            • The simple fact remains that America will allow Mayor Blah-Blah to recite his nonsense and bring his lesbian beard who wears jeans to funerals, but most people get it. The smart ones, anyhow.

              • Just as the bikers shut down the retarded Jonesboro crew, so did the police turn their backs on the most fake human being living amongst them. Holy Shit. Is it any wonder that Gruber called it? It’s laughable, really. We need to speak freely, because sometimes Pinnochios need to know when they’ve become true, blue jackasses!

                  • ^Laughing so hard now! I was in quite a state last night; I had a sushi party for my family, and I was ill-prepared (even after pre-chopping!) Naturally, my mother who hails from WI (and is the reigning Queen of Free Speech) let me know what she thought of my sushi. She says to me, “Kelly, this is just awful! It’s so….. fishy!! I’m gonna have some of the boys’ pizza that you made.”

                    My mom……I think I’ll keep her.

  3. Joe,
    I agree with you and your analogy.

    The simple point in the whole “Free Speech” question (debate) is the consideration and common sense of the person expressing his/her opinion.

    There are times when you would not correct or viciously verbally attack your spouse/friend for questionable
    (stupid) conduct or behavior because of your consideration of who they are.

    Larry Flint, et al, are NOT ethical or moral.

    The Muslims today need to take a page from Jesus and GROW UP!

  4. With respect to Free Speech….

    We have to be very careful ….. the muslims are trying to control and ultimately KILL free speech. And so is Obama/Holder and the likes of the Establishment RINO GOP……. and thus we see this.. :

    As with the 911 attacks….. the result is the erosion of Western Freedoms BY the Western Governments NOT the defense of those freedoms. Thus the western gov’ts end up acting in league with the muslims against Western citizens. And as always in the name of “Increased Security “.

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