American Power Now Wears Skinny Jeans

Howard-Wolowitz-the-big-bang-theoryWe are now all Howard Wolowitz.

This Kerryoke (thanks to FaceBook friend Lela Klajman) episode represents the complete and total emasculation of American power, it’s a new age, crystal talisman, feminized response to incredible violence that our leadership simply will not or cannot mentally or emotionally process.

It is perhaps the single most embarrassing American moment of my lifetime. I’ve been quiet because I couldn’t top the Obama administration’s beclowning of itself this week. Watching the news this week was almost like an out of body experience – almost like being trapped in a Maurice Sendak children’s book.

The week began with yet another “I read about it in the papers just like you” moment from President Barack Oblivious when he and his team missed the 4 million people rallying on the streets against the terrorism he has convinced himself doesn’t exist. One of the characters in the movie they made from Sendak’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” says, “There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen.” This is the world our President inhabits. I guess this is the book Valerie Jarrett reads to little Barack after she tucks him in.

cropped-where_the_wild_things_are_11In the middle of the week, we witnessed the daily clown show of Josh Earnest, Marie Harf and Jen Psaki trying to explain away Obama’s complete lack of self-awareness and incompetence. It was hard for them to do – their own incompetence kept getting in the way. Plus defending the indefensible is really hard.

And just when you think you have seen it all, the French looking Secretary of State, John Kerry (who also served in VietnamRufus June 26, 1975  Chaka Khan / Rufus     Photo: Peter Mazel/ Sunshine Photo / in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan – actually more like Chaka Khan), rolls out James Taylor to serenade the French people with a catchy pop tune from the 70’s.

At first, I thought it was from the Onion but then after thinking about it for a minute, I said to myself “I can believe that they would do something like this” – I set such a low bar of expectations for this President but he seems to limbo right under the bar every time.

I don’t know if these people actually do this kind of stuff in their own lives (maybe John Freakin’ Kerry gets Taylor to serenade Teresa when she gets a hangnail) or they believe this is what real people do. It is baffling in its astounding level of inappropriateness and immaturity. This was Timothy Leary, LSD trip, Salvador Dali melting pocket watch absurdity. It is just so sad. I really am embarrassed. This is the complete emasculation of America – “Sorry your innocent people were murdered by those nasty “activists”. Sit over there, let me hold your hand and sing you a song.”

What should have happened is that a number of GITMO guests equal to the number of people killed in Paris should have been marched out in public and shot.

Before the last string on James Taylor’s guitar stops vibrating, they will have released another handful of terrorists from GITMO. Nothing says “I weep for your country’s loss” quite like letting a bunch of Yemeni jihadis loose from the Gray Bar Hotel.

I guess I have to cut them some slack – their toolbox is empty. They can’t tax France, rant about the GOP or issue an executive order to make something legal that isn’t, so they really don’t know what to do.

What an embarrassing week for America.

3 thoughts on “American Power Now Wears Skinny Jeans

  1. “What should have happened is that a number of GITMO guests equal to the number of people killed in Paris should have been marched out in public and shot.”


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