The Incredible Lightness of Being (Elite)

3343062449_59a617203cThere is a common (mis)perception that the elected and appointed officials of our government and the progressive literati are elitist.

I guess that there is some logic to that – I mean there are a lot of Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton and other hoity-toity universities and law schools represented in the executive, judicial and legislative branches. Conventional wisdom does inform us that folks who matriculate and eventually graduate from such institutions with ivy covering their walls are some pretty smart folk.

Not so much with the good folk (like myself) who toil in the public universities like Mississippi State, Ole Miss or Utah…even if you have an advanced degree.

But to paraphrase Forrest Gump, “elite is as elite does” – meaning that 1) elitism is a behavior, not a mark of intelligence and 2) “elite” is the language, the hieroglyphics, that the club members use to communicate to other members of the club that we, the great unwashed, are not able to comprehend.

It is almost like the rule of the “best and brightest” initiated by the progressive movement back in the early 1900’s has now succumbed to the required idiocracy of progressivism, that being a lowering of standards so that certain people of a certain ideological pedigree can join the elite club – proof of intelligence and wisdom are not required.

You can always tell when two of these rare birds initiate their mating ritual.

They dance about each other, fluffing their own feathers and squawking to the top of their lungs their universally understood mating calls…”Social justice!” cries one. “Income inequality!” answers the other. “Liars and bigots and homophobes! Oh, my!” they caw in unison…and then they look around and say to the others, “We could try to explain it to you but you simply wouldn’t understand…”

Then the mating is complete. They are at once as much in love with each other as they are in love with themselves…at least until the next “abortion rights” protest.

Following their own screwed up ideology has led to a “dumbing down” of the actual elite into some dangerous sort of “elite lite” that thinks and speaks in grunts, whistles and clumsy hand gestures. These are people who think of themselves as our betters, yet lack the intellectual capacity to realize what imbeciles they really are.

Of course the most brilliant incompetent ever, Barack Obama and his faithful, somewhat dimmer sidekick, Joey “Plugs” Biden, the dread pirate Enron advisor Paul Krugman, Charles “No, my surname doesn’t describe what I would like to do to Obama” Blow, theater critic turned political pundit, Tom Friedman and the Doyenne of Barren Bitterness, Maureen Dowd, come to mind for some reason.

4 thoughts on “The Incredible Lightness of Being (Elite)

  1. The snake oil salesman shall always be able to cure a man’s baldness, make a lame man walk, or give a woman that 12-inch erection she so desires. We will pay for it, just as we pay for these charlatans in D.C. Why? Well, as P.T. Barnum said, “There is sucker born every minute.”

    Let us all pray that in 2016, we are that minute in between…

      • Can I just say that I am completely confounded by (believe it or not) this country not moving to the metric system? Guess the fellas preferred 16 digits over 0.348 meters. (Can’t say I blame em.) Did everyone have 12 in. feet back in the day? My imagination now goes into overdrive…’s Friday…..tryin to memorize……woe is me

  2. Utah,
    Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!

    I have to concede– Jonathan Goober was correct in his assumption that the American people (especially
    democrats) are STUPID!

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