I cringe when I hear any member of out national leadership say things like “ISIS isn’t a threat to America” or that the released terrorists from GITMO aren’t a danger to us.

To make those statements is to deny that we really are facing a dual crisis – one in the physical world and one in the spiritual world.

I say that because no matter the limited physical threat of violence, it is true that theology and ideology know no physical boundaries and respect no border.

Over the past several decades, we have seen “diversity” become a primary goal for society, academia and the workplace without an iota of attention to actually blending that diversity into a unified America. We have actually encouraged people to maintain that same social and cultural segregation that is equivalent to the racial segregation that was struck down by Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. The American “progressive” members of government and society have heaped scorn on any attempt to critically discriminate and debate the compatibility and appropriateness of people or cultures to the American experiment by adopting a “who are we to judge” attitude. This attitude creates the illusion that all cultures are equally beneficial and should be added to the American melting pot resulting in a “Balkanization” of American society.

We will be hated for our position as a superpower and a global economic engine. It has become en trende, especially internally to the US, to be critical of our wealth, our power and our influence. It is a common “progressive” tendency to bow our heads to our accusers, shuffle our feet in the dust and say, “Oh, gee whiz, Mister. You are right, we are arrogant, selfish and we hate [insert name of aggrieved group here]. We are bad.” The first response has become introspection born of an absence of confidence, overstatement of our mistakes and an acquiescence to the opposition in fear of making someone else feel bad. The “progressives” have even coined a word for the disease they believe we must avoid at all costs – triumphalism – but in doing so, they have illegitimately equated patriotism and simple love of country to the evils of Nazism and fascism.

It isn’t that we are hated that is the problem. The problem is that because of the constant barrage of negatives, we are no longer trusted or respected.

America is undoubtedly held to an impossible standard, that of being looked to as the sole superpower, one that always must make the correct decisions – because being correct 100% of the time in a global context is a true impossibility, our detractors use modern context to define past actions (hindsight is always 20/20) to create an overwhelming aura of false deference and false modesty among “progressives”, serving only to mask their fear and cowardice. We have seen this in the penchant for those on the “progressive” left to apologize to the world for who America is (remember the rash of “I’m sorry, World” posts in 2004 and how the media relentlessly demanded that W. admit his mistakes and apologize?).

The fact of the matter is that we won’t always get it right – but history has proven that when America leads, the world benefits.

Since the “navel gazing” days of the 1960’s the world has been fed a steady diet of America’s failures, most from inside our own country. We are imperialists bent on hegemony. We went to war for oil. We are nativist nationalists bordering on Nazism. We are warmongering baby-killers. We are gun crazed murdering Neanderthal low brows, demanding a return to the days of the Wild West. We are chauvinistic misogynists longing for the 1950’s when a woman’s place was to be barefoot and pregnant in the home. We are pedophilic Christianist bigot hypocrites who hate gays, oppose women’s health care (abortion) and other religions. We are privileged white racists who fear “people of color”. We don’t care for our poor or aged because we aren’t socialist/Marxist/communist enough. We are out to destroy the environment.

None of which is true – but for the “progressive” ideology to have any currency at all, they must try to make people believe that they are – and there are plenty of low information people in America and around the world who are more than willing to believe it because it gives them an excuse, an enemy on which to blame their circumstance (yet America continues to exhibit the world’s greatest rate of in-migration, both legal and illegal).

Isn’t it curious that the “progressives” think we are too religiously restrictive (bitter clingers to guns and religion) and yet, the Islamists want to kill us because they see us as decadent and Godless? See a connection?

In the attempts of one political camp to destroy the other in a quest for power, we have succeeded in destroying a nation. Another, more far reaching Ben Franklin quote comes to mind:

“Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power.”

Our battlefield is in the heart. We must return to legitimate pride in our country, trust in our institutions and leadership and respect for our religious heritage. We must make America a place worth defending, a place where pride in ownership of the status as an American citizen means that each person appreciates what opportunities it offers rather than condemns it for the perception that it fails in giving what is owed. We must attain a state where each individual citizen becomes an emissary for America and extolls her virtues to those who want to come to our shores rather than chronicling the “progressive” view our failures, real or imagined.

As I stated, we are facing dual threats – spiritual and physical – victory will be impossible if we can’t address both dimensions.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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