Are We in a Societal Death Spiral?

A Sure Sign of Social Decay

This may be a short post, but I hope you will understand the magnitude and scope of what it means for America (and the Western world in general).  You may not have heard, or even care, but the media is going after the New England Patriots football team over alleged rules violations concerning the air pressure in the balls they used in last week’s game.  There have been calls for their coach to be fired and even jailed.  In one interview, a reporter openly questioned the coach’s character to his face.  All of this concern is over something as trivial as an accusation that a team broke a rule in a football game.  Yet, these same media people who want to throw someone in jail for breaking a rule — not a law, a rule — these same people don’t give a second thought to the President of the United States not only breaking the law, but publicly boasting about it.  Now, ask yourself, what sort of society can continue when it does not care about its leaders breaking the supreme law of the land, but makes a national crisis out of an allegation over a rule in a game?  Or more importantly, what does it say about us, as individuals?  Continue reading

3 thoughts on “Are We in a Societal Death Spiral?

  1. Many folks are waking up and DO see what you are getting at.

    They just don’t have the “balls” to do anything about it yet, if you get what I mean .

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