Potemkin Labor Camps All The Way Down

Obama lies at the SOTU – actually he does so constantly. Paul Krugman will write a column tomorrow that completely contradicts the one he wrote last week and still claim that both prove he is right.

Postmodernism is a pillar of progressivism. It is because it allows all progressives to create their own reality.

They do it so continuously, I don’t think they are even cognizant that they are lying. They have convinced themselves of their moral and intellectual superiority and of their infallibility. They express disbelief and exhibit a fit of pique when anyone has the temerity to challenge them, often reacting like a petulant child (as in “I won both of them”).

It is actually a disease of immaturity – postmodernism is a characteristic of a two year-old child, not a functioning adult.

Let’s take his comments about the minimum wage as an example.

The President and his party make the populist claim that minimum wage is both and economic and a moral issue. In the SOTU, President Obama challenged the GOP to “give America a raise” because…well, I’ll use his words:

“And to everyone in this Congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage, I say this: If you truly believe you could work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, go try it. If not, vote to give millions of the hardest-working people in America a raise.”

But is this a real problem? Are people trying to raise families on $15,000 a year?

Not likely.

I did something that everyone should do when this President opens his prevaricating cakehole. I went looking for facts. I went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and here’s what I found:

  • Using the most current data set (2013), there were an average of 155.4 million people in the workforce.
  • Of that 155.4 million, 3.301 million (2.12%)were paid the minimum wage or less (this number includes jobs like waitstaff who also get tips – but their set hourly wage is less than minimum).
  • Of that 3.301 million, 1.638 million (49.6%) were over 25, 1.663 million (50.4%) were under and of the under 25 group, 797,000 (24.1%) were in the 16-19 year-old group.
  • So I would have to assume – because the direct statistics aren’t available – that the majority of those who are “raising a family” are in the “over 25” group that makes up 1.05% of the 155.4 million person workforce. If one assumes a marriage rate of 55%, then the number with a “family” drops to 0.58%.

How is this a national issue?

I couldn’t find data on the educational level of the people in this group, so I can’t make an assessment of how many are actually qualified for a better job. I suspect that a large percentage aren’t – but that is an opinion, not fact.

But here is a fact:

The greatest problem with federal legislation and programs are not the legislation and programs themselves, the greatest problems are the politicians who lie about them.

15 thoughts on “Potemkin Labor Camps All The Way Down

  1. My question for the Idiot In Chief…………….
    IF the economy is soooooooooo much better than it was when you took office, and so many more people are doing sooooooooooooooo much better financially, WHY do you need to up the tax rates? If all these people are making so much more, surely they are paying plenty more in federal taxes, so your worthless gov’t should be swimming in tax income from us.
    First of all, let’s see the numbers from someone that is not in the gov’t. The numbers I heard on Hannity’s show was that the average American income is $3000 less than it was in 2008.

  2. The other morning while drinking coffee with my buddies at a local hash-house the conversation naturally centered on having sex. After a couple of my buds bragged on their ability to still have sex quite often, I joined in with “My wife and I have sex almost every day.” They all said “really?” Then I added, ” YES, we almost have sex on Monday, and then we almost have sex on Tuesday, and then we almost………………

  3. Utah: The short answer is that it is a waste of time, your excellent analysis notwithstanding, to attempt to find logic or rationality in a lying, snake-oil salesman whose appeal is directed at the cretinous half-wits who share his fantasy world in which increasing the price of labor somehow does not reduce the demand for that labor. Having spent my career as an academic economist & more recently as an entrepreneur, financial adviser & strategic investor, I am quite impressed that the Obameister, who shows no sign of ever having studied real economics, somehow has created a process for evading the law of supply & demand, which may be the most basic rule in the field!!! Who knew???

    Obama lies constantly & about things that are demonstrably false & sometimes about things he has already lied about in earlier speeches where his illogic is now contradicted by his new illogic. It is sometimes stated that a true genius is someone who can simultaneously entertain two contradictory ideas, but BHO goes much further in being able to, with as close as he comes to a straight face, present two alternative lies misrepresenting the same set of facts when the two Obama-lies contradict each other & the truth!!! I have concluded we actually do have Chance Gardener in the Oval Office, with the great mass of Federal government dependents & blow-dried media airheads nodding & hanging on Obama’s every lying word as if it were within five Standard Deviations of the truth…INCREDIBLE that so many really gullible & stupid people can be found in one nation!!!

    Of course the Minimum Wage Rate was never designed to provide enough income to support a family…no one other than the metrosexual in the White House ever suggested anyone could support a family while working in a position intended for unskilled 15-year-olds. And there are very few people making Minimum Wage in America today, since Minimum Wage is paid for positions that will only support paying Minimum Wage Rates & there are already very few positions outside the small business sector where the skill requirements associated with the Minimum Wage even exist. Obama’s answer = Let’s make the jobs that only merit Minimum Wage Pay-rates more expensive so we can destroy the few jobs that still exist for uneducated & unskilled workers…pure genius in Obama World!!!

    Of course, like most really stupid ideas Obama lectures the American people about, the stated issue vis-a-vis Minimum Wage Rates is not the issue at all. Many Big Labor Collective Bargaining Agreements have the hourly wage rates tied to Minimum Wage Rates, so the people who will actually benefit from any increases will be Union members already making 3 – 5 times the Minimum Wage, giving an important Obama constituency an unearned increase in salary & putting inflationary pressure on the price of everything produced in the US!!! And those prices will be paid by all Americans, including those making Minimum Wage, along with the elderly, single parent families & the disabled, who pay a very high percentage of their incomes for basic goods & services. How can this be??? The Middle Class Warrior sipping expensive champagne in the White House has just proposed increasing the stress on American families & individuals who are already struggling & on small business owners who employ most Minimum Wage workers, many of whom will be forced out of business by this concealed tax. Who knew???

    Leadership of complex organizations & the US labor markets require the ability to maintain close focus over extended periods of time & assumes levels of General Intelligence that are not common in the Progressive Movement & certainly not in Obama White House!!! How do we know this fact??? The strongest corollary of economic success is General Intelligence, as measured today by highly effective examinations that produce an Intelligence Quotient for every American. Given this universally recognized correlation, it is logical that since the majority of Progressive voters, living & dead, do not pay Federal income taxes, those Progressive voters are likely to be less successful economically than average American citizens, hence they are far more likely to fall at the bottom of the General Intelligence scale. These facts likely explain at least partially why Obama supporters are easily manipulated by the Prevaricator-in-Chief…they are just not very bright!!! Hence, “Yes We Can!!!” is seen as policy & “Change You can Believe In” constitutes grounds for voting for the buffoonish caricature still pitching bull-shit to gullible people who think he’s cool but have no idea what he said or what it will mean for our nation!!! So, my friend, you are playing Bach for cockroaches, whose only concern is getting their “free stuff” early & often. Pardon me while I reach for my Zoloft!!! Enjoyed your thoughts!!! CDE

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