American Sniper vs. the Progressive Hivemind

308555id1i_TheJudge_FinalRated_27x40_1Sheet.inddThe progressive hivemind criticism of Chris Kyle is uniform and growing in the wake of the success of the movie about his four tours in Iraq as a SEAL sniper. The critics seem to be regaining their footing after being knocked for a loop by the massive success of the movie at the box office on its opening weekend and how it demonstrably crushed all their favorite anti-war, anti-American movies of yore.

Lunch pail America flocked to see this movie and it shocked the hell out of the progs. Its success blew them right out of their Pauline Kael existence. Remember that Kael was the famous film critic for the New Yorker who was reported to have famously commented after the 1972 Presidential election, “I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them.”

This really shouldn’t be a surprise, this is what they do…and they simply cannot allow a movie that is even vaguely pro-war (it isn’t), pro-Bush Doctrine (it isn’t), pro-military (it isn’t) or one that portrays an American, especially one from Texas for God’s sake, as a faultless hero (it doesn’t) to win any awards. They are going to mount a revisionist history campaign now to deny the movie, Bradley Cooper or Clint Eastwood any recognition at all. To allow it would be to invalidate their view of America.

This really isn’t specifically about Chris or Taya Kyle or the movie. As usual, this is about the politicization of everything. This Chris Kyleis about ideology…but when your ideology is being defeated and you have no logical response, your attack goes ad hominem – you attack the person. Chris Kyle and his family must now be destroyed.

To illustrate just how hypocritical these attacks are, just think about what these same people have supported (or tacitly supported by being silent) under their political messiah, President Barack H. Obama.

  • There have been no Cindy Sheehan’s setting up camp outside Obama’s Chicago mansion.
  • Medea Benjamin and her Code Pink have become invisible.
  • There have been no 24/7 coverage of anti-war protests.
  • No protests as Obama reauthorizes the Patriot Act.
  • If not full support for drone strikes, the absence of opposition.

I think that the last one, the progressive’s silent support for drone strikes, is perhaps the best illustration of their mindset.

To them, war is an impersonal, political event. As long as they can watch it on CNN, conduct it at arm’s length and their guy is in charge, history has proven that the post-Vietnam progressives are just fine with it.

Prosecuting a remote controlled “videogame war” distances them from the moral component – it is impersonal and aloof and insulates them from having to make the tough, sometimes impossible to get right moral decisions of life and death. As long as they can fire a missile from a drone in Pakistan that is flown by a pilot at the CIA’s Langley, VA headquarters, Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base or Florida’s Hurlburt Field Special Operations Command, a half a world away, they can escape the soul-sucking personal consequences of making that direct, immediate and deadly moral call.

american_sniper_stillThey get the role of a sniper exactly wrong. Instead of being sociopaths trained to kill, they are skilled marksmen trained to protect. They are currently trotting out Kyle’s quotes about his regret that he did’t kill more “savages” and conveniently leave out the fact that he said that the reason was that he regretted he couldn’t save more Americans. Kyle’s comments reveal the reason that sniper operations are referred to as “overwatch” – they are protectors watching over the vulnerable troops below.

Just think about some of the differences between a remote drone strike and a sniper’s duty. Snipers are a precise tool, so much so that their mantra is “one shot, one kill”. For all their “precision”, drones are still an area weapon that risks collateral damage. Drones are driven by latent information and intel from a distance. Snipers are up close and personal, making individual calls about taking the shot based on immediate, real time information – and sometimes the lack of it.

It is the “up close and personal” moral decisions that Chris Kyle and other snipers make that bothers the progressive mind so much. They simply cannot conceive of having enough moral conviction and personal strength to make that call to kill a kid with a grenade or a woman wearing an explosive vest. To successfully execute their duty to protect, they are called upon to make decisions in a split second that will haunt them the rest of their lives. That kind of direct, immediate and personal moral certainty scares the hell out of the left.

Chris Kyle represents the kind of moral certitude the progressives deny – it is a virtue they do not possess.

When you hear the vile, callous, arrogant and condescending criticism rolling down from the piteous caterwauling progressive media, just remember that those words aren’t about Chris Kyle or his wife Taya – it is prima facie evidence of the hypocrisy, the vacuous mindset and moral bankruptcy of the left.

10 thoughts on “American Sniper vs. the Progressive Hivemind

  1. Utah,

    I think that the underlying reason beneath the Left’s criticism of movies like this, or Passion of the rist, or God is not Dead is that it shows that the Left really is a minority in America. As long as they control the narrative, they can pretend all they — and even believe their own propaganda. But when shows that appeal to the TRUE Americans in our society do this well… Well, they can’t spin that and it shows them for what they really are — liars, hypocrites and pretenders.

    Now, think about it: how do you think you and I would react if something happened that demonstrated so loudly and clearly that EVERYTHING we believed was a lie? Or that the hard work we had been doing for some 100+ years had been a waste? Add the fact that the majority of these people are adult children and what we see from them when movies like this come out is to be expected.

  2. Truly Excellent Post Utah. My wife and I both loved it !

    I agree with what Joe said about there being more rational, right thinking folks in America than the Left will admit. Those who believe in the Core of what the Left Progressives push are a minority even though their control of the media makes it seem like a juggernaut of nincompoops has overrun the farm.

  3. These yahoos also omit the fact that in addition to sniping, he also aided the ground troops in missions, as he had garnered more experience than they had from previous tours.

    I say let the a$$holes back-pedal; they’re not lacking oxygen from their shaky births; they’re retarded.

  4. Anyone who criticizes a sniper does not understand his role, nor how effective he can be at dominating a battlefield. Heck, Hollywood made a hero out of the Russian sniper in the Easter Front sniper vs sniper movie they made a while back, so I guess this moaning is just more of the usual “If it aint Commie or anti-America, it aint no good” crap we’ve come to expect from these traitors (and yes, by definition, they are traitors as their actions aid and comfort our enemies).

    • Yes they are traitors…..and as to dominating, well we know that means dominating the dialogue and direction of all discourse to them. The concept of a Conversation is complete anathema to Progressives.

  5. I just love the way History comes back to kick the Progressive/democrat ASS!

    Finally finished “The Forgotten Man” by Amity Shlaes. Too bad we have to re-live the bad side
    of History every time the degenerate, solipsistic Progressive/democrats are in charge?

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