Clint Eastwood Must not ‘Get It’

The Hobbit, American Sniper and Love of Your Fellow Man

I went to see the latest Hobbit movie with my family today.  As we drove home, I started thinking about the sacrifices made by the characters in the movie, and the motivation behind them.  Then, shortly after we got home, my wife told me that she had read where Clint Eastwood has apparently came out and said American Sniper and Letters from Iwo Jima are both supposed to be anti-war movies.  Now I realize that — at first — it may not seem like The Battle of Five Armies and Eastwood’s anti-war movies might have anything in common, but when they are taken together, they remind us of a powerful truth — a truth that is essential to the survival of every culture, but also to mankind in general.  Sadly, much of the Western world has not forgotten this truth, it has consciously rejected it and, unless we wake to our mistake, the consequences are inevitable. Continue reading

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