I Think We’ve Forgotten Something Important…

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: The Other Side of the Social Contract

In the Bible, God makes covenants with His people.  He promises to do certain things for those who agree to and uphold their end of the covenant.  The Social Contract is no different: it is a covenant between every member of society promising certain rights and privileges.  Unfortunately, the people of the Old Testament were prone to making the same mistakes we make today with respect to the Constitution.  They we quick to reach for the promises of God’s covenant, and quick to blame God when those promises were withheld, but just as we do today, they never looked to the first part of God’s covenant.  We have conveniently forgotten the other side of the Social Contract.  Sadly, we also seem to have forgotten that it is this other side that actually makes the Social Contract work, and without it, society either falls apart or falls into tyranny.  Continue reading

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