Do You Ever Think About How Unconnected Things Are Actually Connected?

AGENDAS: Lawlessness and the Destruction of Language

I was thinking about labels and trying to think of a new term I could use to describe people who oppose individual rights and liberty for others.  While I was thinking about this, I remembered the many people who have — in the past — objected to being ‘labeled.’  Sadly, these people do not understand that, without labels, communication is impossible.  Every word you are reading is a label.  Every word you speak is a label.  In fact, every hand gesture you make is a label.    You see, we seldom bother to think past the surface, so we are seldom conscious of the fact that form and function are what define; words are just descriptive labels we assign to represent those forms and function.  This is how labels make communication possible.  In their most basic form, labels are just symbols that convey commonly understood concepts or ideas. But there are rules governing the proper use of labels and labels only work when people use them according to these rules.  When people reject these rules and act as though they are free to make up whatever rules they wish, while we may still be using the same labels, communication breaks down.  This is what has been happening to us for some time now.  It is just another form of lawlessness, and lawlessness always leads to destruction and/or tyranny. Continue reading

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