“madness” the reason for “global warmists”? Daniel Greenfield explains;

Walking through the blizzard, the trees wreathed in bridal veils of snow, I heard their voices in the distance, a distance that in the whiteness may have been only a dozen feet away. “The scientists say Global Warming is coming”, the mother said. “It’s too cold out for that,” answered the little girl.

Daniel Greenfield’s essay; “The Temperature at which Global Warming Freezes” explains,

Nowhere in the city was the blizzard more pronounced than in Central Park, designed a century ago to create a miniature forest in the heart of Manhattan. Even the tallest trees, taller than any others in the city, were layered with coats of snow and visibility had vanished into a cloud of whiteness. And walking along a path in the Ramble, I heard a woman lecturing her children on the dangers of what else, but Global Warming. There is a madness to walking through a blizzard and discussing Global Warming. A theory according to which we should be sliding toward the tropics, awash in fleeing polar bears and Florida style temperatures, instead of frantically shoveling our driveways. To believe in Global Warming while stamping the snow off your boots is not a matter of science.

Greenfield discovers reality.  Madness.  Madness defined by Macmillan Dictionary:

ideas or actions that show a lack of good judgment and careful thought This plan is madness. sheer/utter madness: She described her opponent’s proposal as utter madness. it is madness to do something: It would be madness to throw away your career for the sake of this man. Synonyms and related words Stupid ideas or behaviour: stupidity, madness, lunacy, idiocy, insanity, stunt, folly, a mug’s game, nuttiness…

I am continually perplexed how a person can be trained to cling to a created construct.  A construct that defies all the senses.  A construct that opposes reality.  Weather that one can see, touch, smell, taste, and feel.  Weather that can even kill.  How can a human “brain” be taught to ignore the bodies’ five senses so completely and cling to an imagined construct of electrons? Before her “education”, a little girl still realizes, knows and understands what is true.

“The scientists say Global Warming is coming”, the mother said.

“It’s too cold out for that,” answered the little girl.

Madness – “ideas or actions that show a lack of good judgment and careful thought.”  For example:  (“This plan is madness.”) I wonder how can so many advocate “mad” ideas?  Why do so many who are not “mad” stand by in silence when others put forth “mad” ideas?  Is it because critical thinking is work?  Is it easier to memorize and advocate madness than to think critically and identify madness? If we do not begin to recognize and oppose madness, madness will grow into a tidal wave that will drown us all.

3 thoughts on ““madness” the reason for “global warmists”? Daniel Greenfield explains;

  1. Texas 95.

    Don’t worry. Little Billy Gates is going to solve all these issues by 2030. All of our dear friends at Davos are onboard and Apple is going to send us all on a paid vacation to a measles free Disney World. Don’t forget the free cell phone and health care we got last year.

    After all the top 150 of the rich and famous truly have the wisdom to run the world for all of us.

    They are just deciding now how many rolls of concertina wire the need to pull it all off.

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