Obama Lets Whole SLEW of Terrorists Off the Hook

I wonder whether or not Obama realizes what he has done by explaining that the Taliban cannot be terrorists because they are ‘regional’ as opposed to global.  Obama has a huge list of  ‘domestic terrorists.’ However, now that he has said that you cannot be a terrorist unless you have global interests, he has declared that all of these ‘domestic terrorists’ are no longer ‘terrorists.’  According to Obama, they are now ‘insurgents,’ and we all know that — to a Statis — ‘insurgent’ means freedom fighter.  So, with that, Obama has also admitted that he is an oppressive leader (otherwise known as a tyrant).  If this were not the case, then these domestic groups could not be ‘freedom fighters’ (i.e. insurgents).

So, because he had to find some way to explain why he cannot say anything to disparage Islam, Obama has declared every group he previously listed as domestic terrorist to now be freedom fighters.

At least, this is what it would mean if we lived in a rational world, but — as Utah commented on his Face Book page — we no longer live in a rational world, so tomorrow, Obama will re-work his reality once again.  Luckily, he can’t force the rest of us to join him by dictate.  That would mean he is a tyrant and all who oppose him are freedom fighters, yet we know anyone who opposes him is a terrorist (see how this works?  🙂  )

6 thoughts on “Obama Lets Whole SLEW of Terrorists Off the Hook

  1. He refuses to say that the enemy is terrorism.He believes its street violence ,work place violence ,desert violence (beheding James Foley . Yet Mr.Obam Hussein Barak nor log ago said Terrorism is on the run,
    alQaeeda decimated.. A Man no one trust anymore.His Legacy will be a legacy.

  2. First US President I have no trust in whatsoever! Regardless of the subject, if he is speaking he is most likely shading facts and truth in some manner. It is a long 8 yrs when you have a so called leader that you believe to be faithless and egotistical to the max.

    • jj,

      Just remember: we — ALL of us — are not innocent in this. Not only did we elect him, but those of us who didn’t keep electing people who have repeatedly demonstrated they will not do anything about him but talk. If all you do is talk in the face of this level of lawlessness, then you are just as lawless. So I will be the first to raise my hand and say GUILTY! Now, how many more of us will join me, and then when will we actually start to do something about it?

  3. Also guilty I suppose, but talk, not backing down on your beliefs, presenting your view point with facts, voting, what more is there? To my regret, I have made a couple of fren-enemies of people I liked in the past 6 yrs by sticking to my beliefs.

    • jj,

      I believe you just answered your own question. I can only share what I have discovered, and leave you to decide what it is worth to you. But I found my answers in Scripture. The Bible tells us we have to be in the world, but not of it. In other words, we have to live according to God’s rules and not those of men. Scripture also tells us that we have to have dealings with those who do not follow God, but they should not be in our inner circles. Scripture repeatedly warns that, if you hang with those who reject God, you run a very real risk that you will join them. So, for me, the answer is to stand up against those who reject God’s law (Natural and Revealed) and to separate myself from them. Yes, I can deal with them for business or as acquaintances, but not befriend or partner with them. So far, it has worked better than I ever realized it could, but — as you have discovered — there is a price. But then, what a small price to pay if the choice is really to follow God and not men.

      Anyway, not trying to preach, just share my experiences. Peace 🙂

    • Do you regret being honest about sticking to your beliefs or that they couldn’t remain friends because they couldn’t accept your beliefs ??

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