“Fairness” = Lawlessness

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: There is NO ‘Fairness’ Under Natural Law

Now that I have addressed the principles of Natural Law as they relate to money, I think we need to address the notion of ‘fairness.’  In general, whenever we hear someone talking about ‘fairness,’ we can assume they probably mean they want to violate Natural Law.  This is because there is no such thing as ‘fairness’ under Natural Law.  Please do not misunderstand; justice is the primary focus of Natural Law, but justice has nothing to do with ‘fairness.’  Justice is objective.  It is the same for all without respect to the person or their status in society.  But ‘fairness’ is subjective and means something different to each of us.  I propose to illustrate my point by incorporating something else we frequently hear when ‘fairness’ is being discussed: the redistribution of wealth.  In this way, I think we can tackle two issues with one post. … Continue reading

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