Last Straw?

I May have to Stop Listening to Beck

If you follow my posts, then you know I disagree with Glenn Beck on matters of faith and the true nature of God.  You will also know that I believe this is the reason Beck does not understand Islam.  Well, today may have been the last straw for me.  Beck continues to tell his audience that those Muslims who are killing in the name of Allah have perverted Islam.  OK, Mr. Beck, I have a reply to you.  You are not going to get to heaven through your works.  You will never become a god.  In fact, everything you believe is false.  It is just your interpretation of what Joseph Smith said.  Now, if we had Mr. beck here, I know he would disagree with this, he would say I am perverting his religion.  But this is exactly what Beck is doing to those Muslims who are following Muhammad’s commands.  So, if Mr. Beck is going to be a Progressive in terms of religion — especially Islam — then I no longer have reason to trust he can see the difference in any other aspect of this world. Continue reading

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