Sam, I am

Last night, I finally was able to view our recording of The Sons of Liberty. This show was fantastic, so I kind of freaked out totally, 100% when I discovered my better half didn’t tape the next two installments (inserts Psycho violin screech.)

Because I am such a clever girl (actually, it’s dumb luck….shhhh!) I discovered that if you type in Sons of Liberty, you will be brought to the History Channel website, and may view the episodes from your computer! Mr. Kells says that we may watch them from the television, but I’ll just take his word for it. He’s usually right with regard to technological thingys….hmm…

Anyhow, if you’d like to see what I would look like as a boy, this is the show! Call me Sam, and let me make a beer for you!

Honestly, it’s a great show. Matter of fact, I’m using it as our history lesson for Monday (yeah, home-schooling rocks.) We’ve moved on from this point in history in our studies, but I was keen on how relatable they made the characters/storyline for modern-day teens.

Check out my hawtness:

7 thoughts on “Sam, I am

  1. Kells,

    You are using this series to teach history? You do realize the History Channel’s own website says this show is a work of “historic fiction,” don’t you? I hope you will fact check it before you teach it as fact.

    • I know very well it is historic fiction. What I dug about this show, is that it brings history to life in a manner that is understood and enjoyed in this age of Terminator technology. Are ya with me so far?

      • Ya know? I really wish you sorry son of a bitch thumbs downer voter would pipe in. You probably learned all you need to learn from the voyage of the Titanic because it won an Oscar. Pathetic. That’s what you are. You’re the type of retard who will follow B. blindly while not taking one iota to think for yourself; doubly pathetic. To refresh your 3%, I did mention that we had previously covered this in history. Now then, there were occurrences that were similar to these at the times; but just like Titanic voyage; they weren’t historically accurate point by point. Boo-hoo!

        The idea is to get a kid interested in history, see? But you, you doomed and circumcised son of a bitch yellow-bellied thumbs downer are probably one of the assaholic retards banning the Constitution being taught and/or passed around in schools. So, yeah, I got your number, ya SOB-thumbs-not-hitchhiking-but-should-be retard. Bring it.

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