The Threat of Shari’a in the Western World


In recent days, I have been very harsh on Glenn Beck concerning Islam.  In my opinion, Beck has failed to properly educate himself as to what Islam is and what it teaches.  To the extent Beck has researched Islam, I have been even more critical of him for not being honest with his audience.  Well, it may be that an apology is in order as it seems Beck may have finally started down the path to Truth in regard to Islam.  Unfortunately, it took the establishment of the first official Islamic tribunal being announced in Texas to finally get Beck to start down this path.  Yesterday, 9 February 2015, Beck aired an interview with two of the judges from this Islamic tribunal on his TV program (it is essential you read this story and watch the video, as this post assumes you have done so).  For once, Beck seems to be admitting that the problem is Islam (not individual Muslims, but Islam, itself).  However, Beck still has not gone far enough in helping his audience understand the threat of Islam or Shari’a law.  I hope this post will explain why I feel it is essential that everyone in the West know and understand Shari’a law. Continue reading

2 thoughts on “The Threat of Shari’a in the Western World

  1. To quote myself from the OYL :

    Excellently Presented !! And needed.

    To muslims the world is divided into a geo-political duality defined by islam.

    the *Dar al islam* ….. House (or place) of submission. Versus :
    the *Dar al Harb* ……House (or place) of War…. ( this has also become a term for “the West” to muslims.

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