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AGENDAS: The Fascist Takeover of the Internet

Let me ask you a question.  How often have you heard the term ‘fascist’ being used to attack someone?  In our society, this is a very powerful attack.  In many ways, it is akin to being called a racist or a ‘homophobe.’  This term is not the property of any one political orientation; it is used by people on all sides of the political spectrum.  So, please, let’s set aside any political emotions that we may feel in connection to this word.  In fact, let’s grant that everyone we have ever heard using it mean well.  Let’s just assume they are trying to protect individual rights and liberty.  Now let me ask you another question.  Of the people you can remember using the term ‘fascist,’ how many of them actually understand what the term means?  How often have you thought about it?  Do you know what it is or how it manifests itself in the ‘real world?’  Well, in the event that you have never really thought about it, let me explain what fascism is and how it works by using a very clear example that just happens to be in the news today: Net Neutrality. Continue reading

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