Let’s Try this Approach: Remove Obama because He is Mentally Unsound

At What Point Does Insanity Rule?

How do I convey the depth of my pain to you?  The written word cannot show you the pain on my face nor let you hear the anguish in my voice.  All I can do is tell you that my heart is melting within me for fear of where this nation’s people are heading.  We like to think we are smarter than others, but many nations before us have believed the same thing.  Before God destroyed Israel and sent them into Babylonian captivity, He warned Israel, through the prophet Jeremiah, that they were not as smart as they thought they were.  Actually, in the book of Jeremiah alone, God calls Israel stupid five times, and says they are going to come to ruin because they have no understanding.  In Isaiah 5:20-21, God condemns people who turn reality and truth on their heads.  We may think this all ancient history, and some may even think it little more than myth, but one thing remains true: we have not ‘progressed’ a single step since the ancient times of Israel and her prophets.  The only thing that has changed is the people and places and the lies we tell ourselves, but we are still putting good for evil and evil for good and telling ourselves that those who do not understand this inverting of reality ares imply too stupid to understand our nuance.  It is when a people actually start to believe this sort of madness that insanity rules.  Insanity such as this: Continue reading

2 thoughts on “Let’s Try this Approach: Remove Obama because He is Mentally Unsound

  1. The fraud-in-chief and Anti-American Obama has just said: ” The notion that the West is at war with islam is an Ugly lie”.

    The real TRUTH is :

    (1) Obama has lied repeatedly to Americans.

    (2) islam is at war with the WEST !!
    Via Jihad,
    via the Silence of “moderate muslims to this Jihad (using Taqiyya and Kitman) and
    Via Civilization Jihad ( taking down the West from the inside, by using western freedoms against the west…..Sharia Law in Texas as one example).

    They ( muslims) are at war with US. Anything else is irrelevant. Only our response as a civilization is relevant.

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