Poking the Climate-Gate Hoaxers in the Eye with Their Own Stick

‘Science’ ‘Proves’ the Dark Ages Caused by Islamic Jihad

Bill Neigh is known as ‘the science guy,’ even though he is an engineer, not a scientist.  Well, let’s play that game and see how ‘fair’ the ‘other side’ wants to be when it comes to ‘science’ and Islam.  This video was brought to my attention by a reader of The OYL.  It is about 45 minutes  long, and the Dr. can be a little dry in his delivery, but he uses more ‘science’ to prove that Islamic Jihad caused the Dark Ages than Bill Neigh uses to prove ‘climate change.’  Only, in this video, historical fact, as well as archeology and economics, back-up the argument against Islam.  Bill Neigh cannot claim the same.  In fact, the data is against Bill Neigh and the climate-gate hoaxers.  We know they have had to force what data they have to fit their narrative and fake much more to support their agenda.  Dr. Warner does not have to do that.  All he does is present the facts we have forgotten or were never taught and then ask you to re-consider another understanding of history that is anything but kind to Islam. It also puts the Crusades in proper context to world history.  All-in-all, this is a ‘must see’ for anyone who honestly wants to understand Islam.  So, get yourself a drink, sit back and watch the following video.

15 thoughts on “Poking the Climate-Gate Hoaxers in the Eye with Their Own Stick

  1. I’ll watch this when I have the time. I did watch a very interesting 45 min debate with a Muslim sheik and Muslim doctor — that sounds like the opening for a joke — who both had very different takes on their religion as to wedding children.

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