Speaking of the climate….

Today I wrote a post that got some folks riled up. Good. Let’s talk. Here we are then:

I love those days when God gives the global cooling, er, warming, er, climate change govt. hustlers the third-finger salute, and says, “Hey, it’s free, and it’s on Me. So go on and screw with the data as you wish, but My children can see and feel the truth. Happy Snow Day…………….. suckas!”


2 thoughts on “Speaking of the climate….

  1. When scientific data are manipulated in order that they meet the criteria for a government’s agenda, they then lose their credibility for being posited as a trustworthy theory because they did not pass peer review.
    Most people understandably forget about Climategate. The mainstream media buried this story as quickly and efficiently as possible. For those of you who missed it:


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