Rudy Giuliani– Netanyahu versus: Obama as Chamberlain and Iran’s leaders as Hitler

Rudy Giuliani —  2.13.2015  I haven’t seen Giuliani as impassioned since 911.  Watch the videos.

Speaking to the Iranian-American community in Arizona:

[These people in Iran, the Ayatollah and the mullahs] . . .   He’s a madman. He’s announced that he wants to destroy the state of Israel.”  [The President is] upset that Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to come here and defend his country? When someone who is a few hundred miles away wants nuclear weapons and has threatened to destroy his country of six or seven million people? It’s smaller than New York City. Believe me, when I was Mayor of New York, if someone threatened to destroy New York City I would go anywhere, any place, any time, and I wouldn’t give a damn what the President of the United States thought, to defend my country. That is a patriot. That’s a man who loves his people. That’s a man who protects his people. That’s a man who fights for his people. Unlike our president!

“The President of the United States should not be allowed to reach an agreement with Iran without presenting it to the United States Congress. [applause] This is not, this is not a dictatorship. this is not a country run by one man. This is not a country run by one branch of the government. The Congress of the United States speaks for the people of the United States. This agreement is too important to be imposed on us the way President Obama has ignored the laws in so many other ways, and gotten away with it because he has a press who defends him no matter what he does.”

“This President is moving us in a much worse and really frightening direction,

and Congress and the People must say,      No!No!No!

we will not sell out to Iran the way Chamberlain sold out to Hitler!  No!

Click here to read the entire transcript of Giuliani’s speech at the Western Free Press.

May God bless and protect, those Americans who believe in God.

3 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani– Netanyahu versus: Obama as Chamberlain and Iran’s leaders as Hitler

  1. Good for Guiliana. So far I agree with all he has said. Fortunately Guiliana can reach large audiences and I hope he is reaching and waking up some of that audience.

    This President needs to be called out often on his treatment of Netanyahu. From the beginning as President, Obama has displayed disdain and almost a peevish jealousy of Netanyahu.

  2. Texas,

    I am torn on this one. First, I am happy to see someone in a national position finally naming the evil we face by its name and calling it evil. I appreciate the sentiment in this speech.

    HOWEVER, this man is a Progressive, and thus, he cannot be trusted any more than we can trust Obama. Listen to what Giuliani was saying: he was playing to Nationalist sentiments. Now, how many of us remember what the ‘NA’ in NAZI stand for?

    Compare this speech to Churchill’s ‘Finest Hour’ speech. Tell me if you notice what is in Churchill’s speech but is glaringly missing from Giuliani’s. That missing element is the key to everything, and it is why no-one has yet risen to the national stage with the formula that can save this nation. When the man or woman who starts to push that missing element comes tot he national scene, THEN we may have a chance to stop and even reverse the destruction of our nation and the Western world — but not until.

  3. Rudy Giuliani is to be commended for speaking out against Obama’s actions and words. And Giuliani is in the perfect position to know from whence he speaks.

    Because Giuliani has been dealing with Commies and anarchists for a long long time ….. in fact dealing with the cohorts of the Likes of Terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn the leaders of the communist American terrorist group “The Weather Underground”. Remember that Obama’s campaign STARTED in Ayer’s Chicago Apartment ! And that Dohrn and Obama’s mother were arrested the same day by the Chicago PD….I R 246022, 26 Sep 1969.

    Giuliani prosecuted Susan Rosenberg who along with Kathy Boudin and Linda Evan and Assata Shakur were responsible for the shooting murder of officers Waverly Brown and Peter O’Grady. Rosenburg was found with 740 pounds of TNT and a Uhaul with the intention of blowing up various government offices.

    Ayers and Dohrn “adopted” Kathy Boudin’s child Chesa when she went to prison. He is now a well-known Commie leftist in his own right dedicated in his own words to carrying on “his parents fight against US imperialism…” Assata Shakur AKA Joann Chesimard…AKA JoAnne Deborah Byron was a ranking member of the Black Panther Party and a Leader of the Black Liberation Army ( a murderous Communist terrorist group). Assata fled to Cuba, which has refused to extradite her….. Imagine THAT !

    So Rudy is commenting on Obama who has expressed almost the same basic ideological stances as these Leftist terrorists REPEATEDLY for 7 years. And who himself has Intimate ties with Key members of these 1960’s Terrorist radical groups. And Obama just recently softened ties with Cuba !!

    Obama….. Bill Ayers…..Bernardine Dohrn…..Kathy Boudin….. Linda Evans…..Susan Rosenberg….Assata Shakur…. ALL of them are consistent purveyors of Anti-American speech and hatespeech directed at America and Americans….. and many of them were Violent and repeatedly so.

    Rudy knows what he is taking about and has the direct experience to show it.

    Joe is correct also that Rudy is a Progressive.

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