Obama a Muslim? Well, Duh!

Why I Believe Obama is a Muslim

There is a lot of doubt as to what — if any — religious convictions Obama may have.  I, however, have no doubt.  I believe Obama is a Muslim.  I believe this because I understand Islam, and have seen Obama give public clues to others who know and understand Islam that are meant to affirm that he has not left Islam.  However, for those who still may question whether or not Obama is a Muslim, let me make my case.  Then, if nothing else, you will be more informed, and thus, better able to form your own opinion. Continue reading

NOTE: if you do not know and understand Islam and Shari’a, you need to read this entire post before you ignore those who believe Obama is a Muslim.  And if the only information you have on Islam and Shari’a comes from the media, our political leaders and college professors, then you do not know Islam.  So, if this is you, please, read this post, then decide if you think those of us who believe Obama is a Muslim are wrong.

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