First, Healthcare, then the Internet — Now the 2nd Amendment

LAWLESSNESS IN THE HEADLINES: Obama to Use Executive Orders to End 2nd Amendment

This post is actually tied to the push for ‘Net Neutrality.’  Both are lawless actions, but one demonstrates why the other is being pushed.  First, let’s look at something.  Here is a link to a search I did for “Obama outlaw AR ammo.’  Click on it and look at the sources for the story:

Obama outlaw AR ammo

Now look at the results page when I typed the same search into Google:

Obama outlaw AR ammo

What do you notice about the different sources for this story in both search results?  What I noticed is that the ‘main stream media’ sources are missing!  Now ask yourself why that is?  The story is real: Obama is trying to destroy the Second Amendment through executive orders on ammunition.  In a free and self-governing society, this is a story that should be in all the headlines, but it isn’t.  The only place you will really hear this story is on the Internet — and that is why the government is moving to seize control of the Internet.  It has nothing to do with ‘fairness,’ it is all about control.  Now, let’s look at Obama’s attempt to destroy the Second Amendment.


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One thought on “First, Healthcare, then the Internet — Now the 2nd Amendment

  1. On and on and on the Lawlessness goes. And nothing is done. Crooks in the GOP and Crooks in the Democrat party run the entire show with their Crook donors and Crook Crony Capitalists pulling the puppet strings in the backround.

    And ” We the People” are numb with being slapped in the face by all these Crooks……
    and on the Other side the Obama/RINO Drones basically Don’t give a shit…..they are like the Honey Badger …..Obama Honey Badgers eating at the benefit of our Tax money and spitting out the Constitution in the process…. They basically DON’T GIVE A SHIT !!

    Viola: the Vox populi of the Obama and RINO drones on display :

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