From a Soon-To-Be- ‘Disappeared’ One


For years, I have been trying to show people that we — modern America — are following a parallel path to that traveled by the Germans in the 1930’s.  And for years, people have attacked me for trying to warn them about the path we are traveling.  I do not blame them: it is very difficult to see history unfolding in our own times.  But for those of us who have studied history — and more so for those who have learned to see history through the lens of Scripture — the signs are as clear as the noses on our faces.  So, if we see the danger coming, what would you rather we do: remain silent and allow you to be comfortable in your ignorance until you perish, or warn you in spite of the backlash we know you will aim at us?  Well, I know what Scripture tells me about the watchman who sees danger coming and does not sound the warning, and I will not have another’s blood on my hands.  So I am trying to warn those who will listen so that I will be held blameless for the blood of those who will not.  It is for this reason — to warn you — that I tell you the spirit of NAZI Germany now rules our land! Continue reading

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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