…and where were you, Mr. President?

This morning I watched Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, speech to congress. I am really hoping that the Youtube or the Fox posts the speech in its entirety as it is so good. Wow, if you want to compare two different leaders, here is the opportunity!

From his opening, he graciously acknowledges and compliments Congress, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. He further touts the supporting and unknown efforts of the Obama administration to Israel. I found this gesture to be very kind, as I hadn’t heard of them.

After some interesting history of the Jews and the Iranians, he then revealed more tidbits that I hadn’t heard about. (I felt like Obama…….he only finds out about something the same time as CNN airs it, after all.)

Speaking of CNN, and all the other lame-stream media, they did not air this speech. Dunno if they were forced not to or if they thought it wasn’t worth it. I reckon it’s the former.

In my opinion, that’s just dumb. This speech will go down in history; it is that good. Know why? Bibi’s tellin the truth. Truth’s a bitch that bitches in mom jeans can’t handle……just another truth to stick in your pipe and smoke…………………sans Lewinsky.


8 thoughts on “…and where were you, Mr. President?

  1. CNN (Communist News Network) is part of the State-run propaganda ministry, so they were never going to show a REAL leader. That would be like asking Hitler to allow Patton on German TV.

    • Yeah, the libs are rabid right now because the fella was gracious, succinct, and correct. This is where I lean towards your thinking on the comparison with Nazi Germany…..Currently, I’m just so ready to shove some rose-coloured glasses up some liberal asses…

      • Kells,

        I may have been among the earliest to make the connections, but I am in the company of a growing number of people who now see the connections between modern America and the path Germany traveled in the 1930’s. Are they identical? No, and I never claimed they were. However, they are parallel and heading in the same direction toward the same inevitable conclusion.

        That said, I have found an even better comparison: Israel before God sent it into exile in Babylon. Read Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel and note the list of grievances God lists against Israel. We are guilty of every one. Now, who expect us to then escape the same fate?

        • Bibi brought up the Munich Agreement……I thought the Dems were gonna go into apoplectic shock.

          Speaking of the Bible, my Baptist sister (the one who married that Baptist foreigner) had me watch Pastor Connor’s sermon. It is online, you see. It is very good, and highly motivational. He drew from Acts.

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