Republican Leadership Admits they are Democrats

To all of you Republicans who keep arguing that we have to keep voting Republican until we get majorities, etc, and blah-blah-blah: have you been paying attention to why the Republican leadership says they caved on the DHS/Immigration funding?  At least one of them said it was because “We were never going to win in the Congress.”

Now let me see: the Republicans were given the House, Senate and White House under Bush W and they out-spent every Democrat President in history.  Then they gave us TARP and the Patriot Act.  Now the Republicans are back in control of the House and Senate and they STILL can’t do anything to stop Obama.  So, let me ask you something — and I am serious here:


The Republican Party has said it will not impeach Obama.  It has said it will not do anything to stop his agenda now that it has a MAJORITY in both houses of Congress.  In fact, if you turn off the volume so you cannot hear their lips flapping and look only to their actions, Republican leadership has clearly stated they are Democrats.  They agree with and support everything Obama is doing, so I ask you once again:


I know I will catch flak for this, but it’s mostly because too many of you are too scared to do anything different, and the rest are actually Progressives hoping your guys will find themselves in charge.  Well, I am done with the Republicans.  I will not vote D or R ever again — ever!  At some point, you have to stop acting like an idiot, and my point came today when the R’s handed their master another victory.  I mean, why vote R when the R’s vote D?  Only an idiot does that.  So, what are you?

17 thoughts on “Republican Leadership Admits they are Democrats

  1. It’s all FUBAR, no matter how you look at it. We have been trying for decades to use the republican party as a platform for liberty, and only been bitch slapped for our efforts. I can think of only one alternative, and that comes with it’s own very real downside and extreme uncertainty of outcome.

    • northwesternlocalist,

      We have many options. I think it’s just that we have all — to some extent — been indoctrinated into the Progressive PC instinct to look first and always to why we can’t do something rather than to the American spirit of asking how we can do it.

      We can stop voiting for D’s and R’s and see what happens. Make sure to push everyone you know into joining us. And stop giving them money. If all who are tired of the game did this, we would be the majority.

      We can start pushing our States to fight back. The federal government does NOT rule over the people; it actually rules over the States. Maybe it is time for the States to tell Washington that their citizens no longer have to pay taxes — at least, not until the feds fall back in line. Then just use State resources to defend the State.

      We can call for a Constitutional convention. It can be done without ever having to include the D’s, R’s or Washington. Heck, with enough effort, we can even bypass the States — and it will all be legal!

      So we still have ways of dealing with this situation. But we have to turn off the frivolous stuff in our lives and start paying attention to duty. I’m afraid I do not see enough people willing to do that. We are too comfortable as a society. In the end, we would rather complain from our gilded cages.

  2. B., voting a third party is not viable because it is not funded. Also, the third party lacks credibility (due to politics) to participate in debates and primaries. I feel the best strategy is to arm the WH with more and more true conservatives. That or a revolution…

    Watched an interview with Rand Paul. He bemoaned Obama’s Executive overreach. He stated that Obama was planning to raise taxes by an EO. He then stated this was unconstitutional. All I could think was, You big dummy! Have you not read what impeachable offenses are? This Loser-In-Chief is lucky he has so many lapdog retards who won’t take action……or, as you say, are on his side.

      • Wasn’t defending Hitler; just stating reality. Now then, when you get the masses to vote third party; don’t you question what will happen at the polls? Sneaky snakes feed off others, so it is in their best interest to tilt the scales. Speaking of sneaky snakes, look how much govt. aid Jihadi John received in the UK. Same story with the Boston bombers in the USA. We house em, feed em, educate em, and………ka-ching! (Keep being fed their bullshit rhetoric.)

        • Looked at from the perspective of 31 to 35 years ( 1980-1984 ), Reagan’s elections were indeed a kind of 3rd Party…….. in that BOTH Democrats and Republicans voted for him massively …TWICE.

          I know what he said about a “re-vitalized republican party” and all that. But the Bush family was fighting him tooth and nail EXACTLY like they and their RINO Crony Socialist frauds in the Republican party are fighting the TP and Conservatives today.

          So what actually happened was a Cross-over voting, NOT for party so much as for the Principles embodied within the man. I think most have missed this important aspect. And it fits with the Heart of America and most Americans being conservative at base in their views.

          So what is missing is this Stated set of Principles as well as a Person or Persons who articulate them. If we had that there would be a de Facto “3rd Party” rise up organically, just like what happened under Reagan. In fact when GHW Bush was elected MOST thought they were CONTINUING with the Reagan Revolution ( which was seen as a kind of return to the Founding principles by BOTH the Conservatives and the Blue-Dog democrats ).

          • Don,

            True, but the problem is: we cannot vote for the man so long as he is a member of a Party. As long as a person belongs to a Party, they are beholden to that Party and not to themselves. This even applied to Reagan. It is why Washington warned us NOT to allow a Party system to develop — so we could always vote for the person.

            • Yes.

              I was just trying to give a new perspective on what I think was the MOTIVATION of all those who voted…..and that it WAS a de facto vote away from party and TOWARDS certain Principles.

              I think a similar thing would happen today, even outside of Party affiliations. BECAUSE of where many Americans are inside, even some of the Millennials.

              But I agree about the one TRUE George and his comments.

              ( for those burdened with a public school education that would George Washington).

        • Kells. Don’t go outside today — you could get hit by a car.

          Don’t get out of bed — you could slip in the shower and kill yourself.

          See the point? If not, then you keep voting for the ‘good’ NAZI. Just don’t expect that to fly on judgment day.

      • ” Old Black Joe…Actual”,

        All I get is some kind of list when I click the “Good Nazi” link ?

  3. What is needed is what I have been trying to get the TEA party and others to do. General Washington was correct in his farewell address when he condemned political parties as the way to steal the governmetn under a single idology(progressivism). First, do not endorse any candidates. You have let the republicrats absorb you so you are netrualized by them. Second, concentrate on getting as many voting-aged citizens registered as possible, regardless of their politics. Third, educate those citizens about the issues and current events without bias as much as possible. Fourth, get them to the polls to vote in all elections if you can and even arrange transportation if possible. Poll after poll says that this country as a whole is right of center in their politics. Have elections with rates as close to 100% as possible and let the chips fall where they may.


    Like Richard Gere in Officer and a Gentleman said-
    “I’ve got no place else to go!”
    It can seem this way when we get stuck with the John McCains, or Mitt Romney’s.
    I remember the moment of clarity I had when I first read president Washington’s entreaty to “Never adopt a Party system”
    (poorly paraphrased)
    I took the advise to donate to the candidate, not the party like so many others. As the “slops trough” started to dry up, many repubs were more than willing to shoulder in on the dems trough. Crony capitalist dollars (yours and my tax dollars) flowed there freely. The individual lost their last voice in either party.
    I support the TEA party candidates who I think will best support my freedoms, or at least tie establishment repubs in the most knots.
    It will take years to win back what we have lost in my life time, But the threat of future
    American generations being condemned to the hell of soviet style Russia cannot be allowed to happen.

    Now if you can just help figure out how to stop the leftist media from picking out our candidates, we just might do it!

    Semper Fi! B, and to Kells, and all who have been spanked by Kells.
    (Did I leave anyone out?)

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