God is Trying to Warn Us

PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: The Book of Esther; Netanyahu’s Speech; the 9/11 Harbinger; Saudi Arabia’s Support of Israel and Biblical/Islamic Prophecy

For all the criticism I have aimed at him in the past few months, I still want my readers to know that there is still a great deal to learn from Glenn Beck.  Today, he explained the significance of something Netanyahu said in his speech this past week.  It has to do with the Book of Esther.  Unfortunately, Beck did not take the connections far enough.  I don’t know whether it is due to the fact that he did not think about it, or because does not as much as he needs to or the differences between his religion and the Christian faith prevent him from seeing it.  All I know is there is much, much more to Netanyahu’s speech and Biblical prophecy.  So much more that I feel compelled to share the connections I see so that those with eyes and ears will be able to see and hear as well. Continue reading

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