The Founders Tried to Warn Us…

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Rand and Libertarians Reject the Key Element of Liberty

I have been hard on Glenn Beck on this and especially on my other blog, The OYL.  However, I do not mean to give the impression that I have anything against him, personally.  It’s just that I do not like the general direction he has been heading, and I am strongly opposed to the message he has been teaching to his audience.  A perfect example of where Beck and I differ can be found in his current position regarding the Constitution and the Libertarian ideal.  In the first hour of his 6 March 2015 radio show, Beck said that the Constitution and the Libertarian ideal are the two keys to ‘saving’ America.  In fact, he went so far as to say the Constitution was ‘divinely revealed.’ I couldn’t disagree with Beck any more than I do, but more than that, many of the founders disagreed with Beck’s current position on these matters.  If you are unsure about your own position on this issue, let me ask you to read and consider the rest of this post before you make a decision as to what you should believe … Continue reading

3 thoughts on “The Founders Tried to Warn Us…

  1. You mean March SIXTH not 7th right ?

    Unless this is a post about time-travel, in which case don’t mind me ….. :- )).

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