When I first heard about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal (the same time as Obama), I recalled an article I’d read several months ago. Basically, this article stated that the head-honcho of the Dems, (aka The Pied Piper of the US who selfishly leads the Dimrats and illegals to his destination and the country’s destitution) was keen on a certain Native (in her own mind) American called Elizabeth Warren.

This has been an interesting thing to watch…..kinda like a sick and twisted soap opera. It’s like Hillary’s best friend (the media) just told everybody her BIG secret and unfriended her on the FB!! Personally, I think the head-honcho is worried that the sneaky snake may just bite him if given the coveted position. He has only just begun, I think. I also think he wants a chick………only one that he can control.

Why a female? Oh, because feminism is the #itswhatscoolfortodaymeme And it’s all about being cool, right? Funny thing is, the whole push for Hillary has all the Lena Dunham rats flailing about, pulling out their hair, and screaming to burn their bras over the GOP’s insinuation that their Goddess could do  wrong.

The problem with Dimrats is that they listen to the piper and blindly follow without reason.

Let me tell you a lil something. My husband is a civilian who works at a Navy base. He must use a .GOV e-mail account. He may not bring phones in certain labs. If he works from home, he is issued a govt. computer with a .GOV account. There is absolutely no personal access from his personal e-mail to that account. If there are documents that are sensitive, he must sign for them before removing them from a safe. These are but a few precautions….

Are ya with me so far? My husband was NOT elected by the POTUS to be placed in the position of Secretary of the United States (although he would kick ass). In other words, do these Hillary psychophants consider a civilian’s job of greater national security than a highly classified, executive appointed federal job?!?! RidicuLIE.

Since half the country has half their wits, I just pray that common sense will prevail in 2016.

Oh, P.S. ~ I’m going to be playing a cop! Yeah, I auditioned and gave myself the role because I deemed myself to be the best fit for it……….. and I mistakenly deleted the other applications. #trust

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