Creeping Progressivism

Party Charter Member CertificateProgressivism is a creeping disease.

Unlike Revolutionary Marxism, it will never start a fight. It is too smart for that kind of bourgeois violence. Progressivism is about behavior modification over an extended period of time – something I have referred to as “the long game”.

Progressivism is about controlling the words you can and cannot say and who is allowed to say them. It is about controlling the thoughts you can and cannot think and who is allowed to think those as well.

Recently two student members of the SAE fraternity at Oklahoma University were expelled due to a racist chant that included the word “nigger”, so the Morning Joe crew at MSNBC pointed out how rappers constantly use “nigger”, “bitch” and “ho” and some call for violence against whites…and were met with immediate criticism for claiming that the rap music was the cause (which they did not do) and an article on Vox “progsplaining” why whites are always racists but minorities never are – no matter what they say.

I’m not going to post them here but you can google “racist rap lyrics” and see why Rush Limbaugh said: “If this had been a song by Kim Kardashian’s husband and they had sung this song at the Grammys … it’d be a hit.”

Progressivism is about telling college women that they must be protected as special snowflakes in order to be empowered. They are told that they need feminists – who are really just CMVs (Cultural Marxists with Vaginas) – and a strong government to protect them. Every man is nothing more than a pre-rapist and he must be treated as such – because he is thinking about it – we all know that, right? That is essentially what they leadership at the University of Virginia demonstrates as they continue with sanctions against Greek groups even after the Rolling Stone “fraternity gang rape” story was proven to be a damnable fabrication.

Progressivism is about indoctrinating children in government approved sex through the mainstreaming of deviant sexual behavior, promoting abortion and treating sex as if it must be a contractual relationship to be valid. Through this process, they have cast sex as an act of beastly pleasure and not an expression of love or a sacred commitment between a man and a woman. They have actually taught generations that a committed, monogamous relationship between one man and one woman who engage in sex to procreate are aberrations in society, that the natural biological consequences of sex – pregnancy – is a disease to be medically “cured” via abortion and a fetus is nothing but a “clump of cells”, a tumor to be excised at will.

I will not defend racism –but if I truly believe in freedom and liberty, I must defend anyone’s right to be racist…because being a racist is an individual choice and the moment we Progressive-Party-Poster-1912start using government and other institutional tools to punish someone for what they say or think, we are headed down a path from which there is no return.

We have to ask ourselves how far we are willing to allow this to go.

I cannot state this more clearly – I believe that racism, no matter where it originates – is wrong. I’m certainly not “pro-rape” either but I am vehemently opposed to any perspective that allows all men to be called rapists due to a radical feminist perspective that they are members of “the patriarchy” and all whites being called racists when they hold a point of view a certain group disagrees with. We are bordering on condemning intent and thought even if they are never expressed.

TR-Chemist-1912While the SAE chant was racist, I don’t think any of the larger discussion is about racism. I think it is a clash of cultures. That was what the Morning Joe crew and Rush Limbaugh were saying. The Progs and the Voxers (but I repeat myself) glom on to the “racism” theme because it has been an effective club to beat down constructive discourse on the subject of race. Just look at the contortions that progressives (defenders of feminists and racial minorities everywhere) have to twist into to condemn the SAE as racist while protecting black rap artists who spout racial epithets and promote misogyny in their lyrics. Progressives don’t give a damn about any of these groups unless they can use them as a political weapon.

It is not the duty of government to define what is socially acceptable and what is not. That is for society to determine for itself – free of governmental interference. The minute I have to be responsible for how someone else hears, understands or interprets anything I say, free speech is dead.

Progressivism is using the “long game” view to gradually herd America into a totalitarian state where voluminous laws and regulations will define not only how this or that group will interact with each other but how individuals must think and act as well.

Welcome to the new Gulag, Comrade Citizen.

7 thoughts on “Creeping Progressivism

  1. Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man and commented:
    Reference the “Long March Through the Institutions” wherein our educational system was co-opted by Marxist professors and cultural marist … for the greater good of course!

  2. “Progressivism is using the “long game” view to gradually herd America into a totalitarian state where voluminous laws and regulations will define not only how this or that group will interact with each other but how individuals must think and act as well.”

    Utah, seriously, don’t you think we’re already there? Obama’s mission was to ‘fundamentally transform’ America. Well, looking back on just how much has changed since he took office, I think he can safely say “mission accomplished.”

  3. This post made me think on an article I read on Elton, beg pardon, Sir Elton John, getting a bit miffed that the very gay Dolce and Gabbana were against gay couples having children, particularly through IVF. They labeled the children plastic or some such thing, and Elton proclaimed that no one must buy from Dolce and Gabbana ever again!

    Let me see if I’ve got this figured out….The First Amendment works for you and your ilk, and we just need to abide by it via you, hmmmm? Is that how it works, my nigger? Oh, wait! I have to be a black girl to say that, right?

    You like apples? Well, I just said a politically incorrect word. How do ya like them apples? Dun care. Bin oon th planet ta long ta care bout de numptys an ah hae ta gang ta th lavvy.

    To each his own. The irony that these grottie lads don’t grasp is that I agree with them. The reality is that we must be given the freedom to agree or disagree with them.

  4. To quote Eric Ericson form Atlanta:

    ” With Liberalism ( Progressivism ) what is not Prohibited will be Mandatory “.

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