How does Humanism Work?

UNDERSTANDING HUMANISM: Humanism is Founded on the Notions of Factual and Moral Relativism

NOTE: this is a long post, but it connects many dots.  Please consider reading it all the way through.  It may help you see the bigger picture but, more importantly to me, it may help you provide me with additional pieces tot hat picture. — Thanks 🙂

Are you a member of a cult?  Let me caution you against answering that question too quickly.  First, ask yourself whether or not you believe there are such things as objective fact/reality and universal morality?  If you do not, then there is a very good chance you have been indoctrinated by our schools and other supporting social institutions.  You see, one of the main characteristics of a cult is mind control.  We are all aware of a very common form of mind control, we just know it by another name: Political Correctness.  But that is all Political Correctness is: a form of mind control that traces its roots directly to Marxism and the Secular Humanist ideal upon which Marxism is built.  Our schools were taken over by Marxists nearly one hundred years ago, and they openly stated that they saw man as his own god, and that the teachers were the prophets of their new religion.*  However, the Secular Humanist understands that his ideal cannot be achieved in a society that embraces the belief that objective fact and universal morality exist.  This is why, for more than one hundred years now, our schools have en used to teach our students that there are no such things as objective fact or universal morality.  Political Correctness is the shield that was then put in place to protect whatever ground the Humanists manage to gain toward their goal of re-making humanity according to their hearts’ desires. Continue reading

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