They do it Openly — You Just need to Know What to Look for

UNDERSTANDING HUMANISM: Crisis and Sacrifice in Action

The Humanist is dangerous because he actually studies human nature.  His goal is to learn the best ways to create, shape and direct public opinion.  To the Humanist, this is a science that can be mastered. It started with the Progressives under Woodrow Wilson, especially with a man named Edward Bernays.  Bernays is known as the father of propaganda, and he said propaganda is a weapon.  The NAZI’s actually credited Bernays (and the Wilson Administration) for teaching them how to use propaganda as a weapon.  Today, we can see the perfection of the process Bernay’s pioneered in action — if we know what to look for, that is.  The problem for most Americans is that we are the product of Humanist social engineering, which means we have not been taught what we need to know to spot this process.  We have to know a great deal of history before we can see it in action.  I do not claim to know everything I need to know, myself, but I know enough to spot it.  I hope to share what I have learned with you so you might learn to spot it too.  I will illustrate using the current narrative on the ‘crisis’ of ‘climate change.’ Continue reading

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