Grover Norquist: the Fox in the Hen House

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: ‘Compromise’ Negates Principles

If you embrace the notions of individual rights and liberty and self-governance, then you must embrace and protect the principles and ideals of Natural Law.  This is because these things come only from Natural Law and not from man.  They can never come from man.  By logical extension, this means that we cannot compromise on matters of principle.  If we do, we actually negate that principle; and if you negate Natural Law, you negate the notion of individual rights and liberty and of self-rule.  In this sense, it is a matter of Natural Law that compromise negates principle.  Now, I’d like to illustrate how this works by answering a question Glenn Beck asked his audience today (and I hope this answer somehow finds its way to him).  Mr. Beck, follow the advice of Mr. Beck: always place principle over interest.  Continue reading

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