A Most Dangerous Game

gameopenerThe progressive left is playing a very dangerous game.

For years they have worked to de-legitimize opposition from the right by calling them racists, bigots, anti -child/elderly/immigrant or [insert selected grievance group here] – ophobic. They have done this so persistently and well that it is now an article of faith on the left that people on the right possess these ugly characteristics as a basis for membership in the GOP, the Tea Party or any group that questions the leftist agenda of more government and more control over the lives of citizens.

Guilty until proven innocent – such a bourgeois ideal. Facts do not matter – the GOP is racist, we all (every progressive) just “know” that.

Fair enough. Politics is a contact sport – that much is true – but you choose your politics. You are free to adopt whatever political stance suits your personal aims and beliefs. You don’t choose your race.

Now the progressives have moved on and are trying to delegitimize an entire race.

  • White Privilege – whites simply don’t understand because they are white. Whites are1024px-Most_Dangerous_Game_prey constantly lectured about what they can and can’t say in the “conversation about race” and have been called no less than “cowards” by a sitting Attorney General. One cannot even patronize an institution that bases its entire business model on White Privilege (what says WP more than a $5 Starbucks cup-o-joe) without getting a lecture on racism from the otherwise unemployable liberal arts graduate manning the espresso machine.
  • White cops are hunting totally innocent young black men – I mean “Hands up. Don’t Shoot” for goodness sake. Two days ago, the New Republic (a leftist rag), published an article stating that HUDS was not built on a lie because of the long standing leftist doctrine of Fake But Accurate – they need it to be true, so it is even if it isn’t.
  • American Sniper Chris Kyle “was a racist who took pleasure in dehumanizing and killing brown people” (actual quote), a white murderous devil, who got his rocks off shooting Muslims for totally no reason.
  • Black student group (at Berkeley of all places) feels “oppressed”, calls for renaming a building on campus after Assata Shakur, who killed New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster in 1973, is wanted by the FBI as a terrorist and is believed to be hiding in Cuba.
  • The blatantly biased DOJ “investigation” of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department conducted by a politicized and racially biased Department of Justice. CBS News reports acting DOJ Civil Rights Division head, Vanita Gupta, is heading to Ferguson with a “sense of urgency and optimism”. I’ll bet she is. Look for the DOJ to “cure” the problem the same way progressive government always does – with more discrimination and racism, just against another group.

Blogger Ann Althouse notes the latest immediate knee-jerk reaction for city governments to automatically accept that the police are to blame in any incident where the suspect is black – while ignoring that white suspects are shot by police, too. Althouse chronicles a letter from Madison Police Chief Mike Koval to the Madison City Council in the wake of a hastily organized “public forum” meeting:

“In the course of a few days (from March 13-last night’s Common Council meeting), I have seen you muster to create a letter to the family of Tony Robinson as well as to hastily convene a public “hearing” for those who want to express their views. While the letter of condolences to the family of Tony Robinson was entirely appropriate (I did the same thing), there was no mention of support—either in that letter or in any corresponding letter which could have been circulated at the same time—acknowledging the exceptional steps taken by women and men of MPD in doing their part to maintain public safety while facilitating robust dissent. Last night, I sat patiently listening to people accusing MPD of everything from being sanctioned murderers to racists. Given the nature of the proceedings, I was left with no recourse to respond to any of these diatribes, falsehoods and shock value missives.”

A common rallying cry among the progressives is that “institutional racism” is keeping minorities down. They believe America was built on racism and as a result is inherently racist at its core. They even believe that our flag is a symbol of that racism (remember the students at UC Irvine who wanted the American flag banned from an area of “inclusion”). All this when global survey after global survey continues to list America as one of the least racist countries on the face of the planet.

The fact is that using a conventional wisdom built upon lies and propaganda to delegitimize whites simply due to their skin color is the epitome of institutional racism.

This is not and never has been solely about race. If you look at all the “race based” grievance groups, there is typically one common thread – they are in some form allied with communism. This is about politics – about progressives (neo-communists) in America attempting to force an agenda on the public that they have never been able to implement through elective means.

3 thoughts on “A Most Dangerous Game

  1. Utah,

    You and I blood well KNOW that the Progressive movement has been and remains racist. It started in racism and has only grown worse. But how is this a ‘dangerous game?’ Seriously, my friend: nothing is going to happen to them. In fact, too many whites have accepted the lie and now hate themselves for being white. The only way to combat this is through reason, but we live in a nation that has renounced the use of reason. So?

  2. Utah, I agree with what you say here, but I’m not sure what you think is dangerous to the Dems. The Progs have been very successful in changing our culture & have even gotten a whole generation of whites to hate themselves, their ancestors & their skin color.

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