You don’t have no Stinkin’ ‘Right to Vote!’

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Voting is NOT a Natural Right

It is time to restrict the right to vote!  There is no such thing as a Natural Right to vote!  There is a Natural Right to contract, but the right to vote is a civil construct, therefore, it is not a Natural Right.  This is true by both definition as well as logical extension.  In fact, the notions of voting and democracy are synonymous with tyranny.  Democracy is nothing more than the tyranny of the masses.  This means it is — again, by definition — the negation of Natural Law.  The truth is simple: it is possible to construct a Social Contract that is in perfect agreement with Natural Law without the people ever being afforded a vote in any part of their government.  I believe the time has finally come to give serious consideration to doing exactly this: re-writing the U.S. Constitution so that the civil right to vote is either severely restricted or eliminated all together. … Continue reading

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