GOP Supports Islamic Terrorism!!!

Yes, the title is correct.  Read the post, the supporting links and watch the associated videos.  The GOP is funding the Muslim Brotherhood and other subordinate organizations, all of which have officially been linked directly to terrorist operations against the United States.

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: GOP Support for the Muslim Brotherhood

When it comes to Spiritual matters, I have been and will continue to be an out-spoken critic of Glenn Beck.  However, when it comes to matters of investigative reporting and education on historic events, I will laud Beck and the people who work with them.  They took down Van Jones, and exposed George Soros and the TIDES Foundation.  Historically, Beck is the only reason America now knows about and understands the American Progressive movement.  And now, although he still has it wrong on Spiritual matters, Beck is at least starting to report on the history of Islam, especially the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is this investigation into Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood that lead Beck and his people to another piece of the puzzle.  While many ‘Conservatives’ have been quick to condemn Obama for giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies in the Middle east while turning against Israel, we have neglected the evidence condemning the Republican Party on the same counts.  Now Beck has exposed the connections, and the evidence is clear.  the reason the GOP has not and will not do anything to stop Obama’s treason is because they are partners in his crimes.  The GOP is supporting ‘Radical Muslim Terrorism!’ Continue reading

8 thoughts on “GOP Supports Islamic Terrorism!!!

  1. I thought Beck did a good job of Exposing Grover Norquist. Grover was left looking like a snake in the grass. It was a good start towards educating the general public as to what a lying and dangerous fruad Norquist is.

    • Don,

      I agree, and that is why I started out saying Beck was doing what he does best in that interview (and the show before it setting up all the connections).

      Where Beck gets it wrong is when he crosses over from the secular to the Spiritual. If Beck truly understood Islam, he would have shut Norquist down early on, when Grover tried to claim the Qur’an supports all those things he claimed to be trying to do. But Beck agrees with Grover on this point: that Islam can and should be modernized. It is sad, because that would be like you and I agreeing with Obama that the Constitution allows for amendment through interpretation and executive order. Obama and those like him may WISH that were true, and they may even ‘find’ support for their desires in the way they read the Constitution, but the FACT remains: it simply is not true. The same applies to the Qur’an and Islam, and Beck refuses to accept this. Consequently, he called Norquists lies ‘noble.’

      So I think Beck missed the chance for a knock-out punch, and I believe it is because — in spite of what HE thinks and says — Beck is spiritually blind. This does not mean he is not saved: he may be, that’s not for me to judge. But I know this for sure: he does not follow Biblical teachings. And according to Scripture, that suggests Spiritual blindness (I should know, I only recently had my eyes opened, and even now, I see only the dimmest of shapes. But then, in a world of the blind, the man with only 10% of his sight is king).

      • You are 100% Correct that islam , at it’s most fundamental level, hates and eschews Freedom and property rights.
        It does so because islam does NOT believe in Natural Rights, nor in the individual. It’s treatment of and belief about women being just ONE of many examples.

        I would tend to agree also about Beck’s missed opportunity to hit a home run. And it may be due to his being spiritually blind, or to ” that old-time hubris” which too often substitutes for spiritual honesty.

        His actions re: Bundy, Advocating for Illegal entry into America, and his repeated insistence that those who disagree with his positions are somehow Un-Christian all point to a certain kind of blindness for sure.

        • Don,

          Sadly, I would have to agree with you — especially on your point about Beck’s treatment of those who question his religion. He is very much the same as any Progressive in this regard (as I once was and am still recovering from, myself). If you disagree with him, YOU are the hater.

          There is definitely a fair measure of hypocrisy in Beck’s attitude toward those who disagree. He attacks Norquist and Obama and others for attacking people who disagree with them, but I remember that Beck has taken several occasions to call me (and anyone else who says Mormons are not Christians) ‘haters.’ One time, he spent 30 minutes on his show explaining how I am a hater because I will not accept his definition of Christianity. So he is the pot calling the kettle black, but he is not alone.

          I think this actually gets to a bigger problem: our society’s inability to recognize fact and truth. Moral relativism has destroyed our ability to reason. This is how people can claim Islam is peaceful and/or can be reformed: they simply do not recognize or accept the truth of what Muhammad said. If they did, they would not make such ignorant statements.

          This same thing applies to Beck’s claim that Mormons are Christian. They are no more Christian than the Gnostics were. The Gnostics re-made the identity of Christ. The Apostles were clear and forceful in their reaction to this re-defining Jesus. The Apostles said they were apostates! Paul went so far as to call them accursed. So, if the Gnostics were apostates to be accursed because they redefined Christ, how can the Mormons be any different? They have redefined Christ even more than the Gnostics did. This is why I reject Beck’s claim to be a Christian: because Mormons have rejected Christ and His Apostles. All I am doing is acknowledging and accepting Christ’s Gospel and the teachings of the Apostles HE chose to teach the world His commands. Beck is re-defining Christ’s Gospel to suit himself — NOT God!

          Incidentally: when Beck calls me and others like me ‘haters’ for pointing out that Mormons and Muslims do NOT worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Beck is fulfilling Christ’s prophecy. The world will hate those who truly follow Him. Jesus said so. If Beck were of God, he would understand the implication in this matter…and it would scare him to death (at least, it should. I know it scares me for him).

          • “… He is very much the same as any Progressive in this regard (as I once was and am still recovering from, myself)….”

            Don’t feel bad. For years I used to get and read “religiously” The Progressive” magazine as well as the CFR’s Foreign Affairs magazine. That’s how I know them and their Hate and their plans so well …. LOL.

            • Don,

              They really have not strayed all that far from their Marxist roots. I started the Naked Communist today. While the author may have issues in matters of religion (another Mormon), like Beck, Skousen is very, VERY good when it comes to matters of secular history. In fact, I doubt anyone has ever understood or described the Marxist mindset better than he does in the first chapter of this book. But he misses the Spiritual connections. I’ll be posting about those later 😉

              • Cool !

                I had been reading the 5000 year leap a while ago, but it disappeared into my wife’s reading stack lol.

                There is a good follow-up to Skousen’s Naked Communist….by James Bowers, Sc. D called “The Naked Truth”. You might want to check that out .

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