My Tuppence

It appears Governor Pence of Indiana is the country’s latest whipping boy……or perhaps the latest diversion to cover up Hillary’s Delete-Gate story and Kerry’s French-Kiss-Iran’s-Ass story.

And lead us not into temptation……..

Those pesky Christians in Indiana (and 19 other states) are discriminating against homosexuals! (Reckon if a nuke lands here, all will be well so long as we get that he-and-he or she-and-she wedding cake!)

But deliver us from evil……………

The reality is that the law protects businesses from the unconstitutional infringements that have been unduly cast upon them.

For Thine is the kingdom……………

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

And the power……………….

But go on with yo bad self, and sue the Muslim baker for not abiding by your wishes …. I triple-dog dare you. (Kiss your head goodbye).

And the glory………………….

Separation of church and state is not even in the constitution; it was mentioned in a letter from my boyfriend, T.J. ……but if you wanna play

For ever………………….

It goes both ways, baby. So pardon me, Ashton Kutcher, as I get my canoe to paddle my way through your stream of “heartfelt” tears. Boo-hoo!


18 thoughts on “My Tuppence

  1. The irony of this post is that I have sooooo many gay friends. They are not like the hacks that closed that business down. They are sweet, normal and nice. It is the same with my Muslim friends here. Am I living in the PC bubble, only to be broken by Spring-Break hackers?

  2. Here’s a comment on another thread from one of those “Rainbow children” regarding the new law in Indiana. She’s taking on the Bible no less, to tell which part is Godly and which isn’t.

    “… Indiana has made it legal to discriminate on religious values, well I said the religious extremists would get more extreme and work endlessly to make us move back to the dark ages, but anyways it does not say in the Bible to refuse services to gay people from what I know of it, however the Bible does say this “‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” This is what I believe in, I see God in this. God is within us all and what you do to the least of us, you do to Christ, cause that spirit is within us all! Do you know what I see when it says “you shall not lie with a male as with a woman it is an abomination.” I say “Oh look the Bible is not free from the teachings of the Pharisees” There is nothing holy about this verse, it is blasphemous! “

    • Hmmmm……dunno how the Pharisees’ writings got wrangled into the Scriptures.

      Personally, I’ll not judge; I respect others’ choices. I just think that freedom of religion and respect should work both ways regarding one’s personal beliefs. Can’t have your cake and eat it too, Marie. Compris?

  3. The trick is to have your and eat someone else’s.

    We know this because Obama and the rest of the Progressive-Communists tell us so. Our whole society is kinda built around this now. And that’s pert of what this quote says too philosophically.

      • That is a Great Video.

        I’m sure all your “nice normal and sweet” gay friends are down with its sentiments.

          • Ahhh….so they don’t agree….. they are FOR discriminating against Christians. Well I could have told you that much. It a nutshell :

            Nice, Normal, Sweet gays are AGAINST Christians being able to say NO to those supporting gay “marriage”.

            Nice, Normal, Sweet gays are FOR gays being able to say NO to those supporting Traditional true marriage.

              • The misunderstanding seems to be about the “Niceness”, “Sweetness” and ‘Normanlness” of all them “gays” you mention. Gay …. what sick joke…..they certainly are a “happy” bunch. If fact their cohorts sound like the perpetrators of Kristallnacht. in the 1930s.

                Burn Baby Burn right !?


                • I can assure you that the complaints in that incident were NOT from gays! Trust me when I say that no gay would have pizza served at their wedding reception! Hello!!!??

                  You do realize that gays were persecuted alongside Jews, do you not? Don, you are trying to pigeon-hole a person’s sexual preference into what they believe politically; and that’s just not the case. Sure, there are rabble rousers, but they are not the majority. This is designed. #trust

                  • I am not the Problem nor the perpetrator of this Violence in words and actions. THAT my dear is a very Leftist/progressive tactic….however innocent it may have been. This shows what effect the Progressive ideology has had in the culture even in so-called “libertarian” spheres of analysis.

                    But actually the “complaints” ARE from “gays” and second they are even more so when there is no vocal counter- voice from the “gays” against this Sickness. Esp when the threats and calls for legislative changes are supposedly done IN THEIR NAME….. similar to all the “good” muslims staying silent. Tammy Bruce would be an exception…..except I don’t recall her arguing against gay “marriage” rallies…… nor arguing that the legal legislation in the States against gay marriage should be upheld, and that the SC and Circuit courts rulings were and ARE an illegal usurpation of Constitutional legislative action.

                    And this pizza thing is but an EXTENSION of this whole gay-“marriage” affair !!

                    • Because we have involved government in marriage, I see no reason why I should not have a few husbands. I think those are called poly-marriages, or some such thing. If you have consenting adults, what is to stop this progression? Seems states’ rights flew out the same window as the constitution.

  4. But go on with yo bad self, and sue the Muslim baker for not abiding by your wishes …. I triple-dog dare you. (Kiss your head goodbye).

    By-Jove, I think she’s FINALLY got it! 🙂

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