More Discrimination

A couple of days ago, I posted about the word “discrimination”. Today another thought sprouted in my little pea brain.

I’ve been in the business of managing people for most of my career. With the exception of about 7 months when I first entered industry and a few years of consulting, I’d say over 95% of it has been devoted to the management, mentoring and development of people.

When you are a manager, you are inevitably expected to set goals or standards and do performance reviews against those…and what are performance reviews? Why discrimination, of course – looking at positive and negative variances to the standards and applying corrective or motivational techniques to change performance and/or behaviors.

The greatest issues I have had have been when people disagree with the standards that I am using – even though I never apply a standard that the individual did not agree to in advance.

It dawned on me that most people have no issues with the actual act of discrimination, it is the standard they disagree with. Whether it is God, country or family, the main disagreement is not that we discriminate, it is the yardstick created from those entities that is the issue – secularists disagree with using the Bible as a yardstick. Progressives hate the Constitution. Anarchists and libertines hate everything.

But the fact remains that nations, societies and individuals must have some standards – even those who say they don’t really do or they would have nothing to complain about. The quality of life in these organizational units depend on which standards are chosen. America started off with Judeo-Christian ethics and the philosophies of John Locke. For hundreds of years, those standards built a nation like no other on the face of the earth, then at some point we found those standards too restrictive and puritanical and started rejecting them and the institutions they are based on.

Like any person I have been responsible for managing, the less I expected of them, the less they gave me in performance. A nation is made up of people, so why would a nation be any different?

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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