Legislate Morality, or Learn to Live with Tyranny


Contrary to popular opinion, we can legislate morality.  Those who repeat the notion that we cannot legislate morality reveal their ignorance of the law’s function in society.  Fortunately, our founders understood the law and the role it plays in a free and self-governing society.  In fact, they built this nation on the belief that, unless it is founded in morality, there is no law.  Instead, what we get is lawlessness and tyranny.  The founders even had a name for this lawless tyranny.  they called it ‘the rule of man,’ and they fought a revolution to free themselves from it.  So how is it that we, a people who pride themselves on being the most advanced civilization in history, has not only forgotten this truth, but now advances the opposite notion: that law must be based on ‘fairness?’.. Continue reading

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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