No Evidence of ‘Supernatural?’ Open Your Eyes and Look Harder

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Reflections of the Spirit World in the Colors Red and Blue

I find it interesting that ‘science’ is willing to accept the notion of additional dimensions, or that something can come from nothing, yet it refuses to even entertain the notion that there may well be a Spirit world as the Bible claims.  How can a quantum physicist seriously assert that he has demonstrated that sub-atomic particles can ‘pop’ into and out of existence, while in the next breath, deny any possibility of what he would term ‘the supernatural?’  Doing so is a contradiction, which means the quantum physicist either lacks the fundamental understanding necessary to properly apply the scientific method, or he is irrational — in which case he cannot apply the scientific method properly.  The Truth is there is much more indirect evidence to suggest the Bible is correct than there is to support any theory of evolution.  The Biblical significance of the colors blue and red are just one example, but there are many more. Continue reading

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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