This Pig thinks She is more Equal than You

This one is for you, DonAmeche

TRUTH: The Impulse to Control is Evil

The impulse to control other people is evil — period.  There is no justification.  A person may try to rationalize this impulse, but it is still evil.  Nothing can change this; not even if the majority agrees with the desire to control.  In fact, when the majority tries to force its will on others, that is called the tyranny of the masses.  it is why our founders rejected democracy.  Unfortunately, our society no longer recognizes tyranny.  Instead, most people in this nation support and even advance tyranny under the guise of ‘fairness.’  They insist that justice is based on fairness.  they are wrong.  Justice is based in morality;  ‘fairness’ is based in tyranny.  This is what is at the heart of the desire to create ‘protected classes’ in this society.  Well, we have another chance to illustrate this point and — at the same time — demonstrate why I am fond of telling people that evil will always boast and tell you exactly what it wants and why.  We find it in a story a friend of mine shared with me about the tyrants trying to destroy a family owned pizza parlor. Continue reading

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