Who stole our Republic?

Lawrence Lessig
Roy L. Furman Professor of Law
Faculty Director, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University


Professor Lessig explains in his presentation of his “Lester Theory” at the University of Texas School of Law in January 2013:

Is the Republic still in danger of being Lost?  


What has caused this?  Corruption for fundraising money.

There really is only one (1) party who raises their money from an extremely small percentage of the populace.

All congress’ members spend all their time raising money from a VERY small group in order to be elected and/or re-elected.

(Interesting explanation/correlation of what happened when America went to Kosovo near the end.)

An inside the beltway solution is hopeless.

Only an Article V solution has any hope.  [Article V solution is Constitutional Amendment.]

5 thoughts on “Who stole our Republic?

  1. Texas.

    There are two methods described in Article V. They are both for the purpose of proposing Amendments. The First is controlled by Congress …… thus is an “inside the Beltway” avenue. And I agree there is NO SOLUTION that will come from Washington. Only more destruction of America will come from Washington.

    The second method is a “Convention of States called for the purpose of proposing Amendments”…..this method is controlled by the States and the people in those States. This method is NOT in Control of Congress.

    All Amendments after the Bill of Rights has been through the first method. The Second has never been tried. And it was put in the Constitution in order to fight against the Tyranny we have today.

    So, we DO NOT need a Constitutional Convention !!…… IMHO we need an Article V ” Convention of States” which is purposely NOT a Constitutional Convention.

    • Don,

      Thank you, I corrected by statement above.

      America’s founding was inspired and enlightened. Not since Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, have the “all powerful” freely given away Power for the good of their country-men.

      A “Convention of States” could offer amendments for the raising of money’s, to spread influence.

      The Executive branch does whatever it wishes.
      The Legislative branch does whatever it wishes and fails to enforce the Constitution upon the Executive.
      The Judicial branch does whatever it wishes and allows both branches to proceed in violation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
      The Administrative branches’ authority and actions are illegal and no one is going to reign them in.

      The words of our founding documents are ignored and contravened.

      New words will simply be ignored.

      Those in “control” of the purse strings no longer act in accord with “the People”, they work against the People to enslave and subjugate.

      There is a glimmer of hope: There are more awakening to reality and truth all the time.

      • It isn’t “the power of the words” encompassed within the Convention of State’s proposed Amendments that would/could alter our path.
        Rather it is the PROCESS and what it would imply. When the Convention in Phila. gave us a Republic, likewise it wasn’t just the Words which guided us towards a new path. It was the commitment and conviction of the People.

        So ….. as you say here : “… There is a glimmer of hope: There are more awakening to reality and truth all the time.”

        This popular awakening combined with a resurgence of Federalism ( a re-awakening State’s Sovereignty ) I think could become another 1776-1791 historical moment. The impetus for the Convention itself being Pre-defined within the Original Constitution/BofRs itself. That impetus being trying to stop the Tyranny of Washington by re-establishing our original path.

        The entire dialectic is Constitution- Declaration versus the Monied Political Elite.

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