Gang Rape in My Home Town — Sheriff has it Wrong!

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No doubt many of you have heard of the video of a an alleged gang rape of a young girl who was on Panama City Beach for Spring Break.  It has made the national news.  But I will take issue with our Sheriff as to who is at fault and what we should do about it.  Here is a video clip from the local news report on this issue:

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30 thoughts on “Gang Rape in My Home Town — Sheriff has it Wrong!

  1. Joe you are absolutely correct with this statement, “Either this nation turns back to God and repents for its wicked and evil ways, or we invite God’s judgment.”
    However, we have allowed America to move so far from that place that I doubt we will ever get back there on our own. We have reached a point where ANYBODY of a “minority” group can do all the disgusting things they want to do, and we are merely racists, homophobes, Islamaphobes or some other ‘phobes if we have a problem with their conduct. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible without some “help’ from the govt.

    • Dusty,

      I disagree with the implication that there is a white ‘we’ and a minority ‘they’ in this matter. God is no respecter of men, so I do not believe He cares about the color of our skin, either. Nor do I wish to suggest you meant your comment to be read in this manner. However, it is how I took it, so I know others will, too. For that reason, I would suggest (just suggest) that you consider editing your comment 🙂

      That said: looking to the government is how we got here, and looking to it for a fix will only lead us further down the rabbit hole. We either turn — as a nation — back to God, or we will collapse. I do not say ‘might’ collapse: I mean we WILL be destroyed — and we will deserve it.

  2. The govt certainly caused America to get to where we are by allowing anyone with a “race card” or any other “card” the right to have anything they want if they can simply say they were cheated out of it because they weren’t _______________ (fill in the blank). I am afraid that there are too many great, God loving people out there that think it is wrong and against God’s wishes to not give everything the “card players” everything they say they are being denied. Did you actually see the trash on our beaches the last 5 or 6 weeks? I had to go out there a couple times for work, and I would hate to think I had a young son or daughter hanging with the scum I saw. I don’t see anyway to make it better without strengthening and enforcing the laws. And I am one of the most anti-big govt people I know of.

    • Dusty,

      Then you are already lost, my friend. So long as man trusts in man for what are Spiritual problems, we are all lost. And as for these God-fearing people: well, they must be worshiping a smaller God than i do because I know — IF we turn and repent — NOTHING is too big for God to handle. But that is just it: unless and until we thrust our problems on Him and trust in Him, we will continue to fail… 😦

      • Personally, I try to do all I can to get back to the America I remember hearing my parents and grandparents talk about. The problem is that way to many Americans are okay with what we have now, and wouldn’t lift a finger to help save their country.

        • I know, Dusty, I know. But God does not call us to do the ‘saving,’ or even to worry about how others live. All we can do is worry about how we live, and then try to set a better example through how we live. The rest is up to Him.

          BTW: that is how this nation lived back in the time you and I long to recalim: as God-fearing people. Even those who did not really believe lived accordingly because of the social stigma that would have resulted from scoffing at God. We allowed that social stigma to be eroded, and this is what you are reacting to when you mention the ‘minority’ groups. But we are not innocent int his. Had we stood up for what was right, we may be better off today, but we didn’t. We took the easy path — just like the people you are pointing to now have done. This is why I am urging those who still believe to attend to the planks in our own eyes: so we can learn to judge correctly. Then, maybe — and I mean MAYBE — we can do something to turn things around by showing others how we have turned our lives around. And, Dusty, you know this: that only happens when we turn back to God and repent.

          What we have been doing does not work. Maybe it is time we do it the way God said to do it. What do you say? 🙂

            • Like I said before: the real shame is on all the other rapists — male and female — who just stood guard while these four did the deed.

              After all, the look-out gets charged with the same crime when he helps rob a bank, so by the same reasoning, EVERYONE who just stood and watched is a rapist. Now how do we fix that?

              • (1) By calling out the sense of Entitlement ( including the entitlement to break the law with impunity) that certain races and classes get from the press and Media and, by racist Black Judges like Dusty showed below. And by calling out those who enable this “sense of Entitlement” , including those on the Beach, and those who argue that Un-equal application of the law is True Justice.
                That “Social Justice” is defined by different laws for different races and classes. That affirmative action = “Social Justice” = different laws for different groups.

                You know…. there were /are examples of these people ( prior posters) who lurk here. The Haters of America, those who support those in power who are Actively taking America down.

                (2) By showing that these enablers are engaged in a great crime against both Civil Society and moral law which exist for all. And articulating Clearly and LOUDLY what Moral Law is and how it is the foundation of the Civil Society.

                (3) By being courageous enough to NAME and show exactly WHO these enablers are.

                (4) And finally, by Taking back the education of our Children and CLEARLY educating them as to (1), (2) and (3).

                • Don,

                  To do ANY of that, we have to have a standard. What standard will we use that is not just the same one that caused this trouble in another form, or by another name?

    • There ARE Laws enough already.
      Civil laws and God’s law. We know the answer. Many ignore at best, and actively race towards the opposite.

      New laws are not the answer. Rather ….. “It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the
      law, as much as a respect for the right.”–Thoreau

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